Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sixth semester blues

The sun weighs down my soul.

It's a few hundred degrees as soon it's safe to call it a morning. I would've said it felt cold and dark because that's what it's like on the inside, but this holy Sun of ours has left me with no choice.

Speaking of things that leave me with no choice -- it's not a short list. This brutal college life behaves frantic like a preteen with an M3 on his hands. As if taking an hour to get there wasn't already enough, it has began piling me with much more than its cumbersome culinary speciality of unusually useless files, lost pens and emotional overloads. Now, it has touched a whole new low with this attendance nag.

Three hundred and a few more days ago, I couldn't gather enough of me to write right. Just bottled feelings to the point that they'd eventually leak and erupt at the same time. It's not much different, but hopefully fortunately, it's not much the same either. Of course, I still need to quit talking crazy, but hey.
Trust issues grab me by the neck. Everyone can be your friend and be not so much at the same time. I used to wonder how and when people learned to be people of this world and learned to deal with people of this world, and boy am I getting an answer.

Oh and the encounters with a surprisingly similar soul -- and the turns it brought. Don't get me started. Demons, those.

I already got my license, but if ya know what I mean, driving fo real is a little different. It's good. Feels like I'm finally growing up.

Yeeeeaaah riiiiighhttt.

Is this how it ends?

"But doc, these teenage blues, they're...they're coming up so late!"

"This can mean only one thing, son."

"...that it doesn't end without bright lights?"

"Much so."