Tuesday, November 05, 2013



...planet. Just recently struck by an asteroid of mountainous mass. 
Its high velocity provided it with the momentum suitable to obliterate planetary bodies, dousing the stone into flames. The atmosphere once glued by gravity has vaporised. The populous and vegetation that weren't just straight out pulverised have succumbed to immediate asphyxia. Then, rampant exposure to distant solar flares.

Rocks. Rocks that once formed the planet, now float without reason in a void called space. 
Shards of the world still glow like embers from the massive collision. And it seems that...

...that a planet was just recently struck by an asteroid of mountainous mass. 


...a country. War-torn. Militia that once seemed like they couldn't be a problem. They rose against authority that seemed to be functioning fine, actually. In search of communal power, perhaps.
And now, burnt tires and lakes of blood. Dried up bodies where flora once flourished. Open hands. Open wrists. Little or no movement. 

And a peculiar smell of tears and blood in the air.

Or just...

...a man. Waking up in the night. At hours not even known to exist. Waking up from the nightmare of a man in his image who picks out and throws his internal organs away into a half-filled bucket with a callous, grim nonchalance.

And then laying awake. Staring at the ceiling. Underneath a blanket. And then. Remembering.

Remembering things. 


...these just. All the same thing?

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