Friday, February 29, 2008

The first day, again


This is your captain on board the Boeing a19, and we're just 30 some days away from our destination. However, we seem to have run into somewhat turbulent winds so I'll have to ask you to fasten your seatbelts.
I hope you enjoy your journey...and uh...stay cool.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What you asked for

You know what people do when they see someone win, grow, or go through with any synonymous term? People congratulate them. They support them, and spray goodwill in the air nearby.
But that's not what you do in India.
When you see someone play a game of tennis, more better than worse, you begin to despise them. Surprisingly, you enroll your kids into tennis coaching. You put out falsetto pornogs on the internet. Perverts. Suddenly, fatwas pop out of nowhere, and you begin attacking them for playing tennis the way it is played. How smart. You threaten their doctors and send out letters that read: "U b3tt4 n0t cure HeR, cUz SH3's being IrRelIgIoUs an' shit. PlUS we'LL kill YOU too." in broken english. Give me one religion that tells you not to save a life. Not only that, you also attack them for every time they lose. Come out on the field and show me what you got. And then, when they're back, you take pictures of them with their feet on a table, and spew out a whole new problem. Amazing how the flag was positioned far away, and even showed up blurry in the picture. Focal length, anyone? Oh yeah, and then this dude shows up on TV and says "She's just playing for sympathy". Aren't you bouncing on television for short-lived fame?

Pshaw, now don't be shocked Sania's not going to play in India anymore. You should be happy.
This is what you asked for.