Friday, March 30, 2007

Moments, II

In one fell swoop, all that is taken away. How it happened is something you'll probably never find out, but you don't care anyway.
You revisit the sea of sorrow you were previously drowning in, and you now wear lenses that make you color-blind.

'No miracles happen' is the first thought you come across when you begin losing faith in everything you had it in. Veins pop out and you push yourself under a pillow, calling it your best escape.
What you fail to realize is the distance you can run away.

Life is complicated, and I may not have described it well enough, but some moments will tell you what I couldn't.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


You walk into your home, tired and worked up. Anything can spark off a nuclear meltdown within you. You no longer feel home is a sweet home, and you'd rather walk out right this instant.
But choices leave you with no other option. You stay, and you sulk in within yourself, regretting every moment of your existence. Right now, you can't even think straight, because anger has begun driving you, and you are no longer in control of the wheel.

You don't know why you're angry, and as the clock moves forth, the reason becomes like a landscape being shot in macro.
As the cause begins to blur, actions seem to sharpen. You feel it's all just a waste, and you give up.
You kick the can out the window.

Then, a surprising turn of events turn the whole table that you began playing at. It's like your spades just turned into a trinity of hearts. Anger begins rushing out of you like a whirlpool, and colors fill your view. Home is suddenly the sweetest place to be, and couldn't have been better.
Up till now, it's just been a load of similes and metaphors. But when a smile pushes away all that angst, you know miracles do happen.

Life is beautiful, and I may not have described it well enough, but some moments will tell you what I couldn't.