Saturday, May 27, 2006

Finally, a cause for celebration

Going to sleep at three in the morning and waking up at six has a feeling.

Then again, going to sleep at three in the morning after taking a few shots of insomnia (mixed with excitedness and anxiety, mind you) straight to your head, and waking up a few moments before the clock hits six a.m. only to find out that you've scored 88% in Science and 93% in English has a completely different feeling altogether.

But ten hours after something like that happens, the feeling starts to drift away.
Let my confetti not go to waste, and spread it in the air before this day becomes yesterday -- Board results are out.

After much pain and a wincingly strange onslaught of depressing thoughts that used to hit my mind, this is a much needed cause for celebration to pull me out of the sea of sorrow that I was drowning in, not to forget this is one celebration post in a long time.

Not much of a celebration to you, but hey, this goes in my record for the first time.
See the confetti in the air?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

And then the results...


I really love to stretch it out, don't I?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Sisters are In...

Sometime ago, I decided to walk alone on a poorly lit street, not many miles away from my imagination. I, pretty soon, made it a hobby, and started enjoying the sound that hit my ears when I rubbed the soles of my shoes against wet gravel.
As time moved on, that darkness started drowning me into screams that filled the empty road. The street moved out of my head, and soon became the capital of India.

Girls tell me they won't do higher education here. They say they'd rather not do college from here. They tell me it isn't safe here; they tell me that Delhi isn't safe for women.
It's only right what they said. Nobody deserves to live a half-dead life.

It's getting harder to spot a single week (read day) without "rape" being mentioned in the news.
One day it's that boy from across the street, the second it's those bullies from college and another day, it's your neighbour. Any guesses for who's next?

For a society like this, I blame something that it reflects and affects most - the movies.
Ban the smoking, and pay a few hundred bucks to watch something that's bound not have a bad effect on society - a mediocre porn movie.
Why does something explicit manage to get a "U\A" at a maximum and smoking cannot be shown on-screen? Is it because smoking is something the young are bound to copy? Then won't they copy something that fires up their libido?
I assume that is what they are doing, and that is why they are watching that movie in the first place. And trust me, there's nothing that will hit more of the masses than a movie, be it in a dark multiplex or via a pirated CD.

Because that's a medium most of this generation looks up to, smoking has been canned, but why is it not the same with sex that makes them even more desperate?
As for the nicotine, ask the boy in 10th grade who's already going up in it's smoke.

Heck, and as long as you are throwing in reservations in college for "backward" people who stand tall at our level, put some in for the ladies, too. They're going to be part of the minority once feticides and sexual abuses reach surface.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Copycat dolls

I believe plagiarism requires a lot of dishonesty. For whatever it is that someone does, they must ultimately end up lying to themselves in order to subdue their soul's voice, which does not allow them to do so.
Either that, or maybe they are so deeply in love and are so heavily inspired by someone, that they decide to copy them, and plan to go even farther than they did...

Blame Kaavya for pushing me into writing this, for I assume she was only trying to do what Bollywood had being doing for so much of history -- borrowing a movie's plot, without much permission, and showing them to Indian eyes and all that, while crossing their fingers and hoping no one would notice.
And that's the flaw, because people will eventually find out, and that's exactly what happened with her.

To top it off, plagiarism causes a man to completely lose all long-term sense. Either that, or they never really thought about the future at all.
When someone copies to be better, they obviously have the intention of not letting anyone know about it. And say, if they get what they want, and nobody notices, then somewhere in time, everybody will do the same. And if everybody becomes the same, where will new ideas come from? The masses will then grow out of the tired, tried, and tested same everythings! And they will finally demand something new and original, and thus, at that time, anything new will stick and the copies will end up losing. Again.
So, plagiarism will not only end up destroying the world, but it will also kill itself!

Ring in the future collapse on this one?