Tuesday, February 20, 2007

They're coming

Whenever I sit down to write something positive about the government, the police and the like, I feel crippled, and to a certain extent, I move as fast in writing as a snail in the Olympics.
Maybe it's the afterimage of the products of the RGV Factory (among others that portray the law from the dark side) that has influenced me and left me unable to speak out about the fact that all of them aren't evil and/or corrupt.
The truth is that they're all not bad. Some of them do worship their uniforms, and agree to put service before self. The only problem is that some of them are corrupt, and if movies were to be trusted, they've grown in number in the recent past.
Nevertheless, ex dolo malo non oritur actio.

Those who don't resolve to bribes to make an extra penny, are the true heroes. They're the ones you can trust and call for help, because you'll know for sure that they're coming. They're the Saints, and the Saints...well, they're coming.

New Scanned Document 002

This is the front page of Times Of India, perhaps the Student Edition.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Luck Today?

I'd love to see this turn out truthfully.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Normally, you wouldn't see me talking about Valentine's day. I'd call it one of the useless celebrations out there, but that's just what you'd hear me say on normal occasions.
This occasion isn't one so.

For those who can make it possible, I suggest you go out with two girlfriends instead of one. And those who can go out with two, I'd recommend three. For those who can't, make sure you have at least one special person to spend time with.
And once you're out, make sure you hold hands and walk all over the park, sit on all the benches and do whatever it takes to pull in Shiv Sena's attention. Prove their foundation of beliefs wrong, because they don't realize it themselves.

Before I move any further, how's about we sit down and introspect about where all this is going?
Notice that Shiv Sena fails to work on emotions, and it has a reason for every one of its actions. Although, either they lose all confidence in front of the news cam. or have no clear reasons for what they're doing at all.
One of them reports that V-Day should be stopped from being "celebrated" because it's harming the Indian culture. If that's true, then he must also dislike boys from meeting girls in the first place, and to that, his first target must be the co-ed schooling system. So, why not just make boy and girl schools separate?
The other suggests that V-day is a display of vulgar activities. Really? What's so special about V-day at that? Is there anything that's keeping me from doing that on a regular Wednesday? Or is it allowed every other day except Valentine's time? If not, then why not take a brigade marching around everyday and stop male-female eye contact?
And the finest one of them all, "The boy likes the girl, and the girl gets married to someone else, but the boy remains lovestruck, so their parents suffer."

Perhaps Shiv Sena is just a conspiracy; a group of people who never had any luck in their love life, and they envy those who have someone to smile at. Perhaps they cannot bear all this, because they never had all this, in spite of wanting all this.

This Valentine's, say no to Shiv Sena.
Prove them wrong, guys. "Celebrate" Valentine's all week long.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

When XVI

One year ago, I felt I needed to do more. I felt the need to work harder just to feel better inside. Planning and thinking went over the top, but actions were minutely behind in the race.
One year ago, I turned 15.
Now, I'm at 16, and I'm still left feeling the same way.

Being the amoeba that I am, fission is my birthright; I've split myself into 3 parts. Now, take this not as a way of reproduction, but as different mes to different situations.
The first me wants to advance, evolve, work hard and move forth to hitting the spot as the revolutionizer. He knows what he wants, and he knows he'll get it. In fact, he's devised more ways than one to gain access to all this.
Teil zwei is the new kid on the block, and he'll stay that way for most of eternity, for his beliefs revolve around a statement many refer to as "but I don't wanna grow up!". He's fresh off the course guys, be kind.
And then, there was a third.
Best we mention less about this guy here, for we've already heard his voice for over a year. He just wants to wait a little longer before he could start doing his work. Procrastination be his weapon of choice, he can't wait to push life into later. And when later comes, he still doesn't want to do anything...

Put me on a raincheck for far more vivid details, time now for transparent confetti.