Saturday, February 10, 2007

When XVI

One year ago, I felt I needed to do more. I felt the need to work harder just to feel better inside. Planning and thinking went over the top, but actions were minutely behind in the race.
One year ago, I turned 15.
Now, I'm at 16, and I'm still left feeling the same way.

Being the amoeba that I am, fission is my birthright; I've split myself into 3 parts. Now, take this not as a way of reproduction, but as different mes to different situations.
The first me wants to advance, evolve, work hard and move forth to hitting the spot as the revolutionizer. He knows what he wants, and he knows he'll get it. In fact, he's devised more ways than one to gain access to all this.
Teil zwei is the new kid on the block, and he'll stay that way for most of eternity, for his beliefs revolve around a statement many refer to as "but I don't wanna grow up!". He's fresh off the course guys, be kind.
And then, there was a third.
Best we mention less about this guy here, for we've already heard his voice for over a year. He just wants to wait a little longer before he could start doing his work. Procrastination be his weapon of choice, he can't wait to push life into later. And when later comes, he still doesn't want to do anything...

Put me on a raincheck for far more vivid details, time now for transparent confetti.


  1. heya...
    happy budday..!!!

  2. wow.. i was 1 first 1 to cmnt on dat..!!!! luky me..!!!!!

  3. nyways... vaise toh i have dun enuf of wishin bt ntn seems.... well... enuf...
    so.. 1nce again... god bless... n joy life to d hilt... rok on..
    buuday ( birth month) boy..!!

  4. @avantika:
    You deserve much more than a surprise on your birthday...


    PS: another "thanks" to the never-ending list.

  5. surprise 4 me..!!! wowowow..!!
    jaldi..!! lolol...
    "SOON " = suspense..!!!

    urrg... jaldi..!! lol

  6. @avantika:
    Well, by soon I meant maybe 11 months later :)