Sunday, November 15, 2009

Late teen blues

Man, do I know what cloudy vision is now.

Hey, wazzup. Liek omgz, I think I want to play that game on my Wii. Ooh, and I gotta watch that show. Yeah, I'll text you right after I'm done. No way! It's 3 AM? Aw man, I got class at nine tomorrow. Crap, there's a test. Oh boy, gotta finish those files in college.

Man, this hysteria is getting to me.

Woah, so u mean I gt clss till 6. I don't wanna stdy aftr tht. Psh no wonder my prnts keep tlling me I gotta study. I dnt want to!! WTF! I cn totlly hndl it. Im nt a nerd. Nerds r gay.

And then, I remember my dreams. And then, there's nothing left to say. And then, there's plans in my mind, that bounce around in my head. And when I blame something for putting my plan to waste, those plans dissolve.
And then, there's nothing left to say.

Irresponsibility, ill-management and teenage hysteria are becoming forces to reckon with. Wonder why they're showing up so late.

Btw, happy budday 2 Sania mirza.