Saturday, December 31, 2005

On the edge of tomorrow

I'm going away from your life. I won't come into your life anymore.
Yes, I'm going to die tonight.

I don't know whether you are happy or sad.

Yours lovingly...

Well no, to your dismay, I'm not going to kill myself. Not yet.
Anyway, what you read was just part of an SMS I received, and boy, was I shaken. It wasn't until I managed to reach the end of the message that I decided to calm my veins, and have a hearty laugh. You have only read the beginning of the message, and so, here's the end:

Yours lovingly,

Yeah, just a way of saying 'happy new year!'

The year has swished by, and we've reached its end. So much stuff happend, angry politicians to angry civilians, flop songs and flop movies, and so many blog postings, that I've decided to point out the best and the worst...

With the year at its last day, here's some stuff I'd like to see next year, too!

A toast to:

Sania’s Advance

And this needs no introduction. She's managed to move up the line in rankings from a hundred-something to a whopping 31, and she's reached the cover of 'Time' magazine! And I'm hoping to see her in the top 10 next year, so all the very best to her, and two thumbs way, way up for our leading lady!


After a month of browsing around, and moving here to there, I finally managed to put up my own blog. So let me hear that applause...
Other than that (and I don't mean to brag), I won first place in three inter-school computer based competitions. Let me list them out later. And on top of that, my greatest achievement this year is a t-shirt signed by Sania Mirza (surprize!). It's not meant to be worn, so I got it framed.

The Illegal Construction Shakedown

Heck yeah to that! The government is finally clearing those clustered streets, to open up the vision of a blue sky. Thumbs up to them, for they have taken down those illegal buildings.

And a big no-no to this stuff. That’s right,
Rotten tomatoes to:

The Indian Film Industry

I don’t think I’ve seen any good Hindi movies apart from ‘Black’this year. “What’s wrong with you guys? Haven’t found a good movie to copy off?”

And please, I’d like to hear some good soudtracks, too.

The Creators of ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi’

That’s for killing Rakshanda’s role! I really don’t believe this soap. It has been awkwardly streched out, and now it has no story, no plot, and no Rakshanda. Who’s going to watch it now?
The same goes for all those other sinister soaps.

Those hoaxy ‘sex-scandal’ sting operations

From Shakti Kapoor to Aman Verma, I am against IndiaTV’s failed attempts to gain TRPs.

And that’s not all folks, there’s a long list to be emptied, ranging from the new style of pizzas to the growing number of criminal cops, from the re-runs at the end of the year to those weird MMS things, from I don’t know what to the who, what and where…But I just can’t seem to find the time to write about all that …

And before I forget, Happy New Year to all those who are reading this, and all those who aren’t! And don’t forget to keep your resolutions ready!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

And a merry christmas to you, too!

Hear the sound of the falling snow? the rustling green tree? Neither do I. But hey, that won't stop me from celebrating Christmas, and it shouldn't stop you either. Because we can all enjoy today as a holiday, and celebrate the joy of giving!

So Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2005

And that's a divorce!

Before you read this text, read the article in the picture again.

And you can only imagine what that guy is going through. What's ironical here is that, if that man was faithful to his wife, he would be dead. From ashes to dust. On the other hand though, being unfaithful has its punishment.

So you see how ignorance is bliss? You shut yourself out from the world, and you'll never know that your office building has gone down to soot, and you'll manage to keep yourself alive. But, if as an honest man, you keep yourself a victim to routine of the average life, you won't even live to tell about it!

This whole thing reminds me of the PVR campign that goes "Real life is boring..." mixed up with the "Neal 'n Nikki" tagline that starts out to say "Get naughty...".

Then what does this story conclude? You tell me. How would you react to that?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

That life may have been less lived...

Have you ever looked at that strange man's face? Ever thought about where he may have come from, what's he doing and why? Ever thought about his story?
That's what I put my head up to. And it's weird how I can draw so many conclusions, so fast. I think "Maybe, one day, I'll meet him again. One day, I may be his boss, or he could be mine. One day...

As the world turns
by abhas1

When somebody looks up at the skies,
there's dark clouds for another who flies;
When a vacation for some,
there's others with a bullet in their gun...
white tulips;
they spell peace for one,
another accepts them as a bad pun;
one man cries tears of joy,
the other returns from his lover's grave,
returned silent, maybe he's coy...
The rivers drip,
the time a birth in a crib;
The peaks, they snow,
a concrete building's about to blow...
What rules are basic to stay,
may seem complex today...
One's too casual to life,
second's the army's snipe.
So be who you'll be,
because when today's free,
and He thinks the grass is green
on your side, maybe today
you'll open your eyes for your last scene,
when another sleeps where you've once been...