Monday, December 19, 2005

And that's a divorce!

Before you read this text, read the article in the picture again.

And you can only imagine what that guy is going through. What's ironical here is that, if that man was faithful to his wife, he would be dead. From ashes to dust. On the other hand though, being unfaithful has its punishment.

So you see how ignorance is bliss? You shut yourself out from the world, and you'll never know that your office building has gone down to soot, and you'll manage to keep yourself alive. But, if as an honest man, you keep yourself a victim to routine of the average life, you won't even live to tell about it!

This whole thing reminds me of the PVR campign that goes "Real life is boring..." mixed up with the "Neal 'n Nikki" tagline that starts out to say "Get naughty...".

Then what does this story conclude? You tell me. How would you react to that?


  1. That's really funny... sounds like a nice story for "cheaters" on reality tv

  2. Today, divorce is tougher than marriage..
    May be that's what that man wanted deep inside his heart and could never effect it. He really did not want his wife. His girlfriend is a good omen for him..
    Still, getting naughty is not the only conclusion. If you follow your heart you get what your heart wants and if you follow your mind, you get what your mind wants. That guy didn't follow his mind but his heart and you know what he has now!
    I say.."BAD OR GOOD; do everything that you and your heart wants to do"
    KAL HO NA HO...

  3. Well jack, how come you're so fluent in Hindi?

  4. how does 'Kal ho naa ho' sound, jack?
    big fan of shah rukh's, are you?

  5. uh..jack, you wrote "kal ho naa ho".