Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Some time over 60 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi realized what he was fighting for - a nation that now aims to become a superpower by 2010; a nation that has patriotism and extremism growing day by day, every minute, every hour of the day.

An aftermath of the RDB effect, people realize that the immediate government is suddenly responsible for any and everything that goes wrong - be it a man trying to commit suicide or a person being fired from his job.
Of course, it's reason enough to think that way when a series of events, circling criminal cops and addicted politicians, hits the front page like an axe hitting a tree. But is it reason enough to call it out on a protest and rush up to India Gate?

I, for one, support the fact that we are moving to a stage of awakening, but blaming the system responsible for everything wrong just won't cut the mustard. In fact, what it will do is make it worse, because by blaming it, we forget the fact that we're the ones who choose and make up the system, but end up throwing our fists in the air with anger moving in the wrong direction.
We, as the next generation, have in us what it takes to move India to what it dreams about, therefore it is our duty to understand that running up to national monuments to show a sign of protest doesn't do what we actually want it to do.

Protest is a weapon to reckon with, and by using it like there's no tomorrow, we are actually not going to be able to use it tomorrow. And today, just give it a break.
Forget the fact that half our politicians don't know Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi by his name. Lose the controversy that falsely circles remix gals. Let go of the belief that a candle march up to The Gate will speed up justice.
Today, look up to the orange, white and green, and salute it for what it is - The Bird of Gold which isn't far from sunshine; the nation that produces more engineers and doctors than any other; the nation that first bribes and then shows what they've caught on hidden camera.
The nation and the nationality that I'm proud to be? Sure, India rocks!

So today, give it a salute. Let your eyes speak out Vande Matram, and scream out "Lose Control!". Today, go ahead and fly a kite.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Out of exile


So maybe the 'brief exodus' lasted a bit longer than expected, but hey, I say amen to 'better late than never'.

And now, as I look back, I see that it's been a little over a month since I became one of the men in blue, got heroic enough to step foot in the yellow bus everyday and have the pale rust walls blur into vertigo around me. I just got so caught up with stuff that incidents came and passed me by, but I just sat there and did nothing.
This nothing stood a little too literal and began to creep not only into my academic life, but also my eyes.

Procrastination must be dealt with.

During this time I had with my pen and paper, I wrote a little rhyme revolving around my new school to break the little leave I took from blogging. Unfortunately, the only part of the poem you'll see is an Error 404 - that, because today's *ahem* incident is definitely going to put it off. Off. Off.

And hurray! I finally got Tagged!

I am thinking about: School; Exams in particular, which met commencement today.

I said: "Hi". Then the teacher told me to go back to my seat.

I want to: Do lots of stuff. Most of which is dependent on my computer, which is yet to be fixed. Oh, and I want to study. And score high. And make my parents proud.

I wish: A miracle would happen. Today. Right now would be pretty good.

I hear: Sounds, and play them in synch and order till something strange that qualifies to be a tune hits me. Then I wake up the next day and see that I've forgotten it completely.
Oh yeah, and I hear the music flow when I let my iPod blow.

I wonder: Am I doing this right?

I regret: Not putting enough time into books, which could possibly spell a much better school year.

I am: An AMO3BA, me? A fan of Miss Khan and Miss Mirza? Me? My name would be mud as far as they'd be concerned.

I dance: ...or do I?

I sing: Anything, anywhere. Well, not everywhere.

I cry: Silently.

I make with my hands: Victory and loss; I make with my hands what language cannot speak.

Rock on \m/.

I write: What you're reading here.

I confuse: Wait. I'm confused...

I need: A feeling of doing stuff right. I need to achieve so I can plead my parents to buy me some cool e-gadget.
And I need to smile and be happy. :)

I Tag:
Oooh. This is going to be good.
The mocker

Glad to be tagged Free-S. You woke me from Blog-o-pause.