Sunday, December 31, 2006


The 31st day of December is to a year what a period is to a sentence. It's that one simple day that marks the end of the road for a little over 360 days. Like the dotty little piece of punctuation, it does more than just mark an end. It completes the sentence, too.

Looking back, it's another year that has slipped past amazingly fast, spawning it's very own list of things that we'd like to see more of, and things we can't wait to end.
Starting with the launch of new cars that failed to grab much attention and going mid-way to pushing my life into 11th grade. Going from justice denied to justice served (read snagged). Shifting from the Vista beta to the Vista Corporate; but still bet(t)a with a lot of bugs. And finally from things that went on and off to things that went on after Saddam left the scene - re-runs...
This was one long sentence, no doubt about it. But given a chance, who wouldn't want to read it again?

Rest assured, though; It is when the period terminates a line, that it makes room for another to begin. With '07 not many hours away, I'd like to wish you all a happy new year.

Confetti, anyone?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


____ ____ is about Christmas. _ don't know ____ to say.
What _ wished for __ ____ strictly between
me and

We'll ____ out if I've been a good boy all year or ___ pretty soon.

_ hope the red guy got you what you wanted.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hard water

I interrupted myself while being swallowed in a piece of work to report something that had me feeling the room was filled with laughing gas.

Now, is it just me, or are the soap operas really so soapy that soap feels it's being given a bad name? The answer seems pretty obvious now that I've made the question out in clear letters.
They are soapy.

Little kids have their own and (allegedly) mothers-in-law have their favourites. Call me a cynic if you think it fits into place, but I can't stand watching one of those oh-so-K-full-shows. The same old effects, the same old sound samples...It just gets irritating.

I don't know what they make these shows for, and I can't figure out what they're trying to tell me through it. A girl goes through a ton of pangs and finally gets married to someone whose family is hell-bent on tearing the marriage apart and there's a not-so-distant uncle who wants all the family property so he teams up with his wife and begins scheming and backstabbing but in the end it finally comes back to where it started from originally. Is that what the writer comes up with and tells the director? "That's gold..."?
They could surely do better.

Point two. Why have they made it their mission to copy music off movie soundtracks? Other than that, why do they have the same stale and dilapidated sound effects going on in the back for different shows on different channels? The same ["swoosh!" zoom camera into a couple of still, lifeless faces], ["cymbals!" zoom out of face and make surprised expression]. What in the world does that mean? Is that a dramatic situation where I'm supposed to gasp in horror?
Whatever it is, I can't get myself to stop laughing when it happens.

Three. Sometime ago, a new revolution was in sight. A breath of fresh air for people who watched TV as it was, because some guys created a show that wasn't based on saas-bahu (I hate that phrase) sagas.
2 months down the line, every other show was like that. "Wow! a middle class girl, who has dreams!". Fine. New it was, and the concept unchallenged, but they went back to their roots in no time. Stretching it out like chewing gum. arggh!

The list won't stop and it goes back to last Christmas, mind you. It's tiresome for me to watch something like that with so much depth and count out what all it's flaws are.
And before you creators start criticizing me for saying all this and begin asking me to make something better, I have a suggestion.
Make something that's good. Something that's believable and realistic, because the way you're going, you get unrealistic the harder you try to be real. It's not without reason that you've been pigeonholed.
To sum it up in a couple of points, be original and honest. Don't make something just because you think it's going to fetch TRP, and then stretch it once the show becomes popular.

And if you were, by any chance, thinking how I could say all this after liking an actress who acts in these shows, then all I have to say is that she's far better off hosting shows.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

If you're still reading...

It's hard to step out of silence once you realize that you had abandoned a place you used to frequent. It gets harder to come back to your blog if you remember that you still haven't wished Miss Mirza, and it's a little too far down the calendar to reach for a belated card. And it's as good as concrete once you realize that you were gone, and you were gone for no good reason.

I'd rather not waste our time by reaching for a sad excuse for an excuse.
I wasn't here, and many of you might suggest yourselves into thinking that I was studying. Others might believe it's just the hangs 'n pangs of the 11th grade life. To a few, it might be the 'ol writer's block.
But there's more to the story than our sides; there's the right excuse, and then again, there's the truth.
The truth be told: I just couldn't write, and I doubt I can now. Maybe you can see the tremors of my laziness in this piece of writing. I can't say for sure, but abhas1 is looking for a way back into the building.