Sunday, July 02, 2006

Those pale rust walls

Deep inside, I was afraid this might happen. The whole school year, this piece of information bounced on the walls of my subliminal mind, but I refused to accept that it might ever happen.

Conversely, it happened.

Moving away from those red brick walls so suddenly was meant to minimize the pain of leaving the school in the first place, but the fact that I've acquired a Transfer Certificate still hasn't really found its way in my head.
I can't really figure out what happened, and it all seems to be happening so fast.

Within a span of a little over 48 hours, I noticed I'd never be amidst those red bricks again and tomorrow, I'll have to place myself in a bus, taking me to the "pale rust" walls of a new world.

And as it is with every new turn, the body hesitates to accept the change it faces. That is exactly what makes me tell my Mom and Dad that "I don't wanna go!" but eventually, "I'll hafta go".
Well then, that's that. Goodbye 'ol red brick walls, it was surreal spending time amidst you.

I hope you regret not having me around.


  1. Damn.
    I regret not having them around.

  2. C'mon! I agree the sudden and unplanned changes can increase the urge to cling on to something you had ..till now. And one tends to overlook all the shortcomings it had. But I am sure you know that "pale rust"="red". I wish that you soon find that it's more than that!!!
    cheer up

  3. @anonymous:
    Well, I wrote "pale rust" instead of "red" because I wanted to tell you that it's not at all a "bright" experience going to a place like that.
    It's dull, and it's pale.

    Of course, red bricks belong to DPS.

    Secondly, I hope I find some good news ,too.

  4. Aufrichtig sprechend… Ich verschüttete einige Risse… Als ich las dieses… Gerechter Filz die selben…, als ich ließ meiner Schule meine Freunde….einem Platz, lebte mich lassend innen für wie 16 Jahre. Er glaubt Schlechtem…. Er glaubt realem Schlechtem, aber dann…, als du erhieltest zu gehen…, „mußt“ du nur

  5. Frankly speaking... I shed a few tears... When I read this... Just felt the same...when I was leaving my school my friends....leaving a place I lived in for like 16 years. It feels bad.... It feels real bad but then... when you got to just "have to"

    The translation of the earlier comment...Now in ENGLISH...!

  6. @Mocking Spirit:
    Yup, felt the same way...I get trapped in nostalgia everytime I think about those times...
    But now, when I sit to think about it, the red-brick walls were turning hollow, and darker...

    btw, thanks for making it easier for the others to read!

  7. hey come on!!!!
    it's not that bad!

    well actually it is....i sometimes dream of stapling my pricipal's fingers to his face so that he lets us stay on in school

  8. @Sat:
    Yeah..just gonna take a couple of weeks till this "new stuff" settles in like mud in water...

    and to your second thing I must say: hohahe!

  9. good to know that you left DPS-"red". if MS VV is modern school Vasant Vihar.."pale rust" then you are really lucky. man this is a school, not teaching shop like DEEEEEPEEESSSSS. i wish i could get....
    it's GOOOD! sorry..BEST.

  10. @Anonymous:
    Yeah sure, I'm trying to settle in...

    And you are?

  11. Aakarsh.................Friday, July 14, 2006 6:56:00 PM


  12. oh!! its always sad to leave your school.. i know how it feels.. i remember the time i had to leave dps bangalore after tenth.. it was the worst part of my life..
    but the point is that.. i never rally did say good bye to my school i may not be studyin thre, but then i am always there.. attending school functions .. parties.. meetin good ol friends.. its never really good bye you know.. unless you want to say goodbye..
    so cheer up!!

  13. @shraddha:
    Yeah..I guess I've began to settle in now...