Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The attack

A certain disease has taken to reproducing itself in thin air, with a motive to infect multiple Operating Systems. And as fortune would have it, the systems most affected lie in my vicinity.

It was first a Symbian based, “series 60” communication device, and now, all my art, all my creations and all of my work seems to be locked in a Hard Disk Drive, hanging out in a zombie state.
And about those systems crashing and reporting all sorts of “colored screens of death”, the magic 8-ball points to a lesser chance of recovery.

Now, I’m looking for a way to interpret this in a positive manner.
Sure, it must’ve just happened because someone out there realized that I needed to focus on ‘the 11th grade life’. Maybe the Amoeba just needed some time off from those bright pixels, but since he refused to move his eyes away from the screen, the screen moved itself.
Well, I understand where this is going, but I hope there’s a way to prevent all my data from being lost. I hope there’s a secret hiding place for all those PSD files, deep underground to escape any damage caused by nuclear fallout.

You see folks? This is a learning experience. I learned it the hard way, but you can choose to learn from my mistake. I should have had backup.
The phone should have been backed on the computer, the computer should have been backed on a separate hard drive and the separate hard drive should have gone into backing in a similar pattern, being part of this strange loop.

Zieg Heil to HDD failure and bugs, for they took me back to the basics, back to the pencil and back to the paper.


  1. PS: I posted this using my laptop, which luckily stands tall, unaffected.
    And laughs in the face of problems like these. And screams out "Take that you suckers! ha!"


  2. Create a bootable disc or floppy from your laptop and use that to boot up your computer (You'll most probably need to change the first boot device in your BIOS setup to CDROM or floppy - depending upon what you manage to get). You would have MS-DOS prompt once you boot your computer and you can use that to make sure your files are unharmed (Use "dir C:\abhas\whatever"). Well if your files don't show up, it would be tough to recover them. Let me know how that goes.

  3. @Sid:
    In process...
    thanks for your time and advice :)

  4. Hmm...sad buds...!
    But look at the vrite side.. u have the laptop that screams...! ;)

  5. @Mocking-S:
    Wait till you see it fly.

  6. .:Recovery Stage I:.
    Type: Symbian communication device
    Progress: Active
    Files restored: 0/???