Sunday, November 15, 2009

Late teen blues

Man, do I know what cloudy vision is now.

Hey, wazzup. Liek omgz, I think I want to play that game on my Wii. Ooh, and I gotta watch that show. Yeah, I'll text you right after I'm done. No way! It's 3 AM? Aw man, I got class at nine tomorrow. Crap, there's a test. Oh boy, gotta finish those files in college.

Man, this hysteria is getting to me.

Woah, so u mean I gt clss till 6. I don't wanna stdy aftr tht. Psh no wonder my prnts keep tlling me I gotta study. I dnt want to!! WTF! I cn totlly hndl it. Im nt a nerd. Nerds r gay.

And then, I remember my dreams. And then, there's nothing left to say. And then, there's plans in my mind, that bounce around in my head. And when I blame something for putting my plan to waste, those plans dissolve.
And then, there's nothing left to say.

Irresponsibility, ill-management and teenage hysteria are becoming forces to reckon with. Wonder why they're showing up so late.

Btw, happy budday 2 Sania mirza.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rain dance

Last night, I think my efforts in rain dancing succeeded.
Looking at the way it was, I'm pretty sure it wasn't my effort to invoke the rain alone. It was like the answer to the prayers of 50 million worshipers of the Rain Gods. And if you were in Delhi last night, you have got to admit it was a brilliant answer at that.

Let me describe it at a clearer level -- if you were in mid-air, and it was raining like it was last night, you'd be screaming for help like you were thrown out of your raft in a class 4 whitewater rapid. But if you were standing on firm ground, you would have been lucky to be there.

Anyway, as the rain moved forth and converted rain-haters to rain-lovers, it blew a couple of trees here and there. All nature's way of recycling and stuff.
Unfortunately, a poor dude had his car parked on the very firm ground we talked about, and unfortunately a swishing tree landed on his car.

Now, normally, I'd express sympathy for a guy like that, even though there wasn't too much damage and his car was still in working condition. In fact, I did.

Until today, that is. Until I found out who the car's owner really was.
Dude had the gall to cut away all the trees in a mile's radius so that it doesn't happen again.

This was reminiscent of the villainous, multi-gazillion dollar industry owners you'd see in old Hindi movies; Laden in a red robe, smoking a pipe and ordering deforestation on a Veblen cellular device.
The only problem was that this wasn't a Hindi movie. The trees were going down for real, and the guy responsible for it wasn't a multi-gazillion dollar industry owner. As far as I know, he's not too keen on owning intelligence either, let alone concern for the environment. In fact, the guy's a a swab of a prick whose fat stomach blinds him from his feet. And now it seems like his feet aren't the only things he can't see.
Plus, I thought schools were making kids smarter these days and well aware that we need more trees right now. Seems like that's an epic fail, too, because the only thing the kid helped his dad do was take pictures of this precious time.

Frankly, I hope this treasured memory makes him scream in his dreams.

Right now, I could go on and argue that God probably gave humans too much power when He gave us room to kill. Instead, I'm going to describe what I saw when a tree came down.

Why was he doing this? He'd get a full insurance claim. Plus, there wasn't too much damage. The roof was a little bent, that's all. He'd probably stash more money from insurance than the car needed...

Trees take time to cut. This one I'm talking about took over 4 hours, I believe. They tied the ropes, and then they came in with the blades. They sawed and I saw from my window.

Is it illegal to cut trees? Should I call the police?

Eventually, they were done. They yelled and they ran away. Then, they pulled the ropes.

The tree fell with a hard thud. The ground shook like an Earthquake, quite too literally.

I don't think you need someone to tell you in school that you shouldn't take down trees just because you can. You don't have to be Einstein, either.

As for the tree, I can only hope they won't burn it down like the rest of the trash.

Stupidity will lead to the end of Earth. Hopefully, we'll be there to see it, and we'll know who to blame for our deaths. The only question I ponder upon now is that if I punch the guy in the face and take a tooth out, will he get all of them extracted?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Insence and peppermints

Today was like oil in water.

Irresponsible fools who have no control over themselves or are restricted to a somewhat myopic vision of their actions rarely do things right. At least things people would appreciate.
But I assume, now, that this wasn't about gathering appreciation. This was merely a cold announcement, that not only came in pleasurably late, but at a time that would cause food poisoning upon ingestion.

Clearly, all men must pay for their sins within their time.
With no room for escape and someplace to run, thunder will strike appropriately, though sometimes delayed. And when it strikes, those who must pay, will pay in full.

With this, I cancel my plan to write a day for a week.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The barrel

Purple haze is in the sky.

In the distance, fire rolls in a barrel. It's not really cold, so it is harshly unclear who lit it in the first place. However, it'll be cold soon. But somebody needs to take care of the monoxides they've been releasing because of this.

In other news, college is about to start again.

I don't know if I feel like smiling or sighing.
It's a complex mathematical equation in explanation, even though it's not really like that. It's like a complex love-hate relationship that never ceases to turn the tables around; like a coin that's in the air when you've chosen to toss it in favor of an odd - because when it's in the air, it's spinning.

Perennial confusion makes for a sweet dessert.

Anyway, while I'm stepping out of line, I gotta tell ya' -- this hiatus almost felt like one. But now that I look back at my blog, I have to say I did write. Sure, you couldn't see it, but that's only because silence was pretty much the best way to describe the time I had. It had a profound meaning, you'll notice. A meaning that revolved in troubled times. Times of void. Times of making music. Times of not reading the Times of India. Confused efforts. Mis-managed times.

So, next time you see the gap between December 31st and today, read it. After all, it was life in my 18th year.

However, I do deserve some punishment. So I'm going to hit out a post a day, every day, for a week. Turn up the volume on your RSS readers!

There goes another booger.