Monday, August 03, 2009

Insence and peppermints

Today was like oil in water.

Irresponsible fools who have no control over themselves or are restricted to a somewhat myopic vision of their actions rarely do things right. At least things people would appreciate.
But I assume, now, that this wasn't about gathering appreciation. This was merely a cold announcement, that not only came in pleasurably late, but at a time that would cause food poisoning upon ingestion.

Clearly, all men must pay for their sins within their time.
With no room for escape and someplace to run, thunder will strike appropriately, though sometimes delayed. And when it strikes, those who must pay, will pay in full.

With this, I cancel my plan to write a day for a week.


  1. And what happens after one has paid for the sins?

    Again, wish you kept the promise.

  2. @The Belled Goat:
    As you can see, our friend 'tiger' has summed up the answer better than I ever could.

  3. haha!lol

    i super duper loke the comment above!!

    btw you must write about something how n what we should do to reduce our sins if we'v made some :)

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