Friday, September 28, 2012

Of memories and memoirs

September 27. That date meant a lot to me – so much so that it was one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog. I'm not saying it doesn't mean anything anymore, but it definitely doesn't adhere like it previously did.

For old readers, this sort of situation, this day of this month, every year, would be as foreign a phenomenon as rolling eyes and unleashing a sigh at the end of a bullshit joke.

It started out as an innocent birthday wish to two do-gooders on the same day, but slowly turned into a deck of belated birthday cards owing to my battle with either increasing procrastination or things that constantly called for a higher priority. Or a tumultuous emotional phase, that perhaps everyone traverses through at least once, before growing up. Or learns to do so.

In any event, out of sheer randomness, I mentioned Rakshanda Khan's birthday amid a few friends and one of them asked me who she was. I stood silent for a few moments before announcing that she's an actress/host person. Or was. I didn't know – it had just been that long. Regardless, ain't no stimulus like a visual cue, so I proceeded to show her a picture. And that's when I realised how long it really had been.

What happens when you go back and look at someone, or something, that meant, well, a good amount of something to you? It brings back a load of memories, to say the least, in the form of a whirlpool. And it doesn't feel bad, frankly – just a little tingly in the knees. It feels good.

Once you're done snickering at my celebrity-crush-dom, I hope you'll get the point.

Looking at the past is a weird thing; it's one of those things that sticks very tightly to Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It can mean either a good thing or a bad thing, and that, too, in different ways. How you look at it may be important, but it surely isn't all of it.

In any case, and in tradition of old – happy belated birthday, Miss Khan, and Google. :)