Saturday, June 14, 2014

Time travails

Time travel is, by far, one of the most high priority items on my to-do list.

However, time travel is pretty vague when displayed as a simple couple of words. I would've crossed it off my list, but right when I take my pencil there, it just appears to deviate more and more towards an ambiguous umbrella term.

I would've also crossed it off if I had fewer items on my to-do list.

Time is, I believe, the one thing that shouldn't have had wings. Because when it flies, it soars. To the point that if it were rain, it'd pour. 

The unending shortage of time, by catch-22, makes time travel appear on top of my list again. It makes me ponder the very possibility of the umbrella term in this pouring rain of flying time. And it makes me wonder why I'd choose to travel to the past out of all places.

Looking back always comes drenched in fluctuations of peak experiences of happiness and unending pits of despair. Most of my rationale for desiring to travel to the past comes reinforced with the feeling of being able to correct whatever I believe to have "messed up." If life were more like a certain social networking site, misdemeanours would be posts, and walls could be wiped clean at whim – as was pointed out by a very excellent, like-minded amigo. 

"Go back and delete them, just in case it would ever be looked at again." 

However, everything that has happened to and/or with us; everything it is that we've experienced, committed, and been a part of is what makes us what we are today – wiser, amongst other things. Unless, you want to make the same mistake over and over again, in which case, please, take your time. But do learn eventually. 
Additionally, if I were to consider the scientific aspect of things and take chronology into account, the butterfly effect comes to be factored in. Erasing portions of the past could lead to a future so drastically different – so many light years away from whatever you've imagined it'd lead to – that your whole plan would be obsolete. If, that is, you even remember the plan in this newly chanced upon future.

This, thus, leads to the possibility that we can travel back in time considering that our actions and events are fixed in permanency, due to which we are able to partake in the activity of time travel. Considering that, even if we do go back, we'd do the exact same things again, and never realise that we've gone back in time at all.

But you've been informed all wrong.

Allow me to point it out right here and debunk all your uncertainties about time travel – it is very possible. So much so that you've already indulged in time travel. Not once. Not twice. So many times that only calendars can keep count. 

Not only that – you still do it, you little rebel, you. Every day. Every minute. You travel into the future. At the speed of 60 seconds per minute. Every minute. Every day. 
And you make this choice because you have the power to change every aspect of your future. Going to the past won't make life better today. Traveling to today will make tomorrow better for sure. 

Well, then. This is awkward. The entire premise of this writing – the entry on my to-do list – should've already been crossed off.
If only I could go back in time to do that.

Anywho. Next on my list: better time management.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Best foot forth.