Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sand in the eyes

Run up to your school everybody. Run up to hell's gates, run away from your classmates.

Why is it that a boy must come home from school, only to find his mother forcing food in his mouth, all because he doesn't want to end up being late fore the bell rings at a second school? Hell yes, I'm talking about coaching, and while I'm at it, put in those tuitions and extra classes, too.

School is not what it used to be, or so I believe. You can't go there alone and expect to learn what you need. And what's worse is that every teacher knows it, and so does every student.
Kids decide that they'd rather not waste their time in school studying, and brush up on their facts at a nearby coaching institute. And problem two originates because teachers know this, and keeping it in mind, they also go: "what the heck..."

I was told that school was meant to teach, and if this is what's going on, then the whole purpose of school now is to make us go through the all-India Board exam and provide a graduation certificate.

Why is it that kids rush to small, crowded tuitions? Are they more concerned about their future? Do schools not know that a majority of their science students want to end up in the IIT? If they do, then why does one prefer coaching? Why in the world does school not do what those institutes are doing? And on top of it all, why have we closed our eyes, and accepted that this is the way that the story goes?

And as long as we continue to move with a bullet in our heads, we move closer to the future collapse.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oh those Red-brick walls

Most of us would rather be pretty unhappy to see school start out early.

Yeah sure, who likes to go sit into half dead classrooms, and that too, on the second floor? Shouldn't we just wait until our Board results come out so that science students stop shuttling back and forth between commerce and humanities?
Amazed or not, most of us people decide to aim at the negative as answers to these questions.

This is what happens when you take the kids to the movies, weird newspaper and weight management workshops, and field trips instead of making them tediously open their backpacks and start looking for pens lost in its depths.

One week into this mess, and I've realized that it's not back to the blues this time!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Damn dam!

Aamir Khan is fighting a cold war. He raised his fist silently, and has come against the construction of the Narmada Dam, all for a noble cause. This dam will seemingly plague the lives of 3 lakh people, who live in the surrounding area.

He stands tall, offering autographs to no one. He stands tall, amidst the crowd of people hailing "Save Narmada!".

By doing so, he holds hands with the common man. He walks a vague path, laid and made by others like him. Shah Rukh Khan cleaning the streets of Mumbai is another example in its name.

When these celebrities turn into activists, we see stars with stars in our eyes. They then suddenly become good guys, and the good ones become the better guys. And, that's pretty much about it.
Yeah, that wraps it up.

We tend to forget what they were doing there, let alone asking why they were there in the first place! And all this gives birth to the society we know, the society we live in, the society we kill and the society we breathe in.
It gives birth people who believe that the celebrities are only trying fetch media and public attention. And as obvious as it may seem, they become the apple of some other eyes.

Now, you see, Aamir is fighting for a noble cause. He is against the construction of the Narmada...The Narmada... Damn! I forgot.

Friday, April 14, 2006

That's what I call Chinkara!

A fan goes back to his home, and reaches for his room. He tears those posters off the walls, and hides in a corner, trying his best not to breakdown. He looks into the mirror, and behind those red eyes, he fails to confess. "I was never a fan anyway..." he says.

Affected by the same, another fan tries to cope. He looks up to his pictures, and his posters; He dares not take them down.
He prays to God, and seeks help and consolement. He only waits for these evil days to end. He only waits for these moments of pain to end. Many moments. Many, many, many moments...

And now, both of these fans rejoice. "Hey, Salman has been granted bail!"
That's a bail after spending three whole days behind bars, waiting for the Court's hearing. All in for killing an endangered Indian Gazelle. They tell me there's going to be some 5 years down the line...
I'm sure jail wasn't anything you saw in those movies, was it Salman?

And bail? That's only for now.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Into the Demon Days

This is not good.

My life has been put on hold. Now, all of it is more of a painting, hanging quietly on the wall, waiting to be noticed by a silent observer.


I came to realize that I have not faced the world. It's not easy at all, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to live with my own self. I know the value of everything that I do and all that I don't, but I still just sit there, still waiting for somewhat of a miracle to happen.

I know that those books that I have are meant to be read. I want to read them, and I want to ace my next test. But my motor nerve fails to send this message to my hands. I know that by not working hard, I will end up as a confused soul, trapped in regret. I know that by not studying today, I'm risking my future.

And if it keeps going this way, I'll end up struggling to live. I may have to steal food and money to live. I may have wanted posters of mine, posted at every local Police Station -- 4 of them, and with 2 of them at the same angle.

I also know that my performance is degrading, and this post would be better if I didn't post it at all. My work used to be better, but somewhere, something went wrong.

Please forgive me.
I just cannot bottle it in anymore. This weight is getting heavy and harder to hold.