Monday, November 21, 2005

Back to School

Well, the so called "2-day break" (er...weekend) is over, and I was back at school after the exams. How did I perform? Don't ask.

Yes, the same old routine has begun. I'll be surrounded by those red-brick walls, again, then I'll come back home, close my eyes for a second, and finally wake up to realise that the whole day has passed me by.

The weird thing about school is that we don't actually study there. We just go to class, the teacher says something, and then we come back. It's like we've been made to process a command. But some days are not that boring, though. There's days when you go out for field trips, the somehow longer recess days, and then the somehow shorter class days. Oh, and of course, there's fridays!

In class, it's a sight to see someone actually trying to make out, or decipher what the teacher is saying. I'm busy drawing cars, writing poetry, and yes - taking notes. I may have gone too far, but we do actually take notes. Hey, we have got to pass!

Well then, I guess it's back to the blues. It's back to our friends, back to our enemies. Back to that boy who stares at any girl who passes by, and it's back to the boy who's lost in the depths of his book. Yup, it's back to school.


  1. excellent!!!
    you are really creative. keep it up. after reading this i can remember my school days (I guess it's back to the blues).

  2. thanks for the comment, and I sure hope I don't dissapoint you in the future! :)

  3. hi abbas1,
    thanx for ur comments. i must say ur writing is superb. i m really impressed. please write about sports in india. i' ve heard that cricket is most poular sports in india. what about base ball?? tennis??

  4. yup! India enjoys cricket to an extent unimaginable!
    But, there's no sign of baseball!

    anyways, thanks for the comment!

  5. GREAT MAN!!!! i like your english and i must admit that you are very talented. keep it up. i have seen so many blogger...but your is excellent.
    kj :)

  6. wow! thanks for such wonderful comments!! I hope to keep up the good work!

    by the way, kj, you mentioned a little thanks for my comments...have I been to your blog??

    anyway, thanks again!

  7. Hey...
    really nice...i cant be more not desp. to go to school. ;)