Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Boulevard of Broken News

It's been a long time since I wrote some stuff on things around me; the current events. So, here's a post dedicated to weird Indian news, more of which is controversy.

One month after.
Remember October 29, 2005? Don't worry if you forgot. I was asking "What bomb?" before I started out on this post, too. Well, that issue seems long forgotten; People were back at their shops the next day, even. And a month is way too long to ask. We still don't know who to blame for those blasts. We still don't know who all are actually dead, and who all have gone missing. Welcome to 'bizzaro world'.

Flip 'em the bird!
Just when the Ganguly-Chappell cricket war was starting to lose interest, along came a finger. According to what cameras have captured, Greg was seen flipping Ganguly off. What was it? Frustration? Stress? Anger? I really have no idea.
Well, Greg has finally joined a long list of celebrities who have bagged an anger un-management trophy.

Sania's on the news. Again.
It won't be long before people will actually start asking "Does she play tennis too?!". We can all thank mainstream media for this. When Sania Mirza says something, we must always look around to see if that comment can be placed in the paper for the next ten days. So now, me must drag her into every bizzare event possible. Be it the skirt, pre-marital sex or anything else, but it musn't be tennis. I'm surprised to see that she rests unaffected, and shocked to see a nation that will kill talent, and not notice what they've done.

Kapoor vs. Kapoor; Finally over!
Whew! Finally that story's over. I was getting amazingly bored of that. But see, they've cooked up another awkward marriage something. Kapoors are old news; new on the block is the Abu Salem-Monica Bedi post. Less related to what the previous story was all about, the Salem-Bedi thing is all underwater because of the 'don marries actor' part.

Zieg Heil to the Indian paper, for they have once again succeeded in grasping our attention.


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  2. And yes, you are amazing with the hand!