Thursday, September 22, 2005

What to wear?

Have you noticed all this controversy circiling Sania Mirza on what to wear and what not to wear?
Well I have, and it seems to be an interesting topic for me to write on.
Maybe I'm a fan, maybe not. But I still have a point to make.

Hey, for all I know, Sania has a lot of championship titles to her credit, wears funky shirts, and she's been framed into an *ahem* MMS(it's a good thing she decided to ignore those idiots)... and now this?
Seems like if anyone can handle all these hurdles, it's her.
I understand the religion fact, but are we all missing the point here?

It would be wrong to go against her religion, but then again, you can't go for a swimming tournament wearing a pair of jeans can you?
The same way, every sport has its uniform, a cloth code that everyone follows. So making her wear something else is not an option at all. And if it still appears so "wrong", then maybe we can put her out of the game (and put India back down to nowhere in female tennis) or we can have her play the way she does (like everyone does...). And if we do decide to stop her, then don't forget to put a ban on Zeenat Aman and Katrina Kaif.

What's there to be ashamed of? If there's anything wrong, it's the society. Cure it.


  1. Its good you wrote on this topic.
    I believe the same

  2. I recommend you to cut off the 1st para and mail this article to Hinustan Times at

  3. Helllloooo. You are supposed to be a MUSLIM, for petes sake!!! Ignoring your religion's practices for the sake of something as trivial as sport is disgusting! You may be good at it, but that just doesn't make a difference to anything...OK????