Monday, September 26, 2005

State of emergency

Things couldn't get much worse for the USA.
Hurricane Katrina came and conquered, while New Orleans watched. It was a shame to see such a powerful nation fall on its knees, and succumb to the fury of a natural disaster. Could anyone be less prepared for oncoming events like these ?
And before anything in this scenario could change, Hurricane Rita came in. There's millions now lost in disaster management. People are still looking for signs of relief.
Mr.President? You here?

Talking about the President, George W. Bush couldn't have had it worse.
Ever since he was thrown into presidency, he has been going through hell. Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, the Iraq war, 11 September 2001, Osama Bin Laden, and there's more to come.
The toughest situation came at hand with the fall of The Twin Towers. That led to a chain reaction. The Afganistan part soon followed, the search of Osama.
History was being created, and it was being created fast. We were running out of pages, even.

And the Iraq war continued in the background. This event led to the loss of billions of dollars, thousands of lives, and on top of that -- over half of America's population lost trust in Bush, and they began to think about who they voted President.
Is Bush still living the Gulf War? Maybe. Maybe not.

So, what's it going to be next time. Votes; will there be "More for Gore or the son of a drug lord"? or should we wait for the "coup 'd etat"?

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