Monday, September 19, 2005

Power to the masses

How many times has this happend to you?

You are sitting in front of your computer screen, for you don't know how many hours. You have been trying to do this for a few months now. You have finally come sooooo close to achieving creative glory. You have created something that Da Vinci will envy, or maybe you just cracked the "Da Vinci Code"...
BUT, you remember now, you forgot to save your work.
"Ah... good thing I remembered..." you say to yourself. And just as you move your cursor to "Save As", the screen blacks out.The CPU's out...

"This can't be happening!" You are worried. "NO!" your pupils are dilating... "It's another blackout..." (surprise, surprise!).

All your work gone.
Lost into cyberspace.

Well it happened to me a few days ago, and surely, I was annoyed.
Now, without looking for someone to blame, I'm gonna say "You are not getting away with this MCD!!".

The next day I read the paper and I found that, even though I lost electricity for about half an hour, other areas in the city were powerless for about 4 hours, without any backup!
And that wasn't the only problem in those areas; they were also NOT getting "sufficient"(as the government calls it) water.
What's next? will they also be denied air?

Poor work for a country that's still developing...

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