Monday, September 19, 2005

A cause for celebration!

Today has to be the greatest day of my life.
Well, not actually the greatest, but still a great day.

So the point is, after around 3 years now, I get to see Seinfeld on air (again!).
Back when I was in the U.S. of A. ~4 years ago (somewhere in 2001) I witnessed my first show of Seinfeld. And that, too was a great day.But the sad day came when I came back to India (sometime in 2003) only to find they hadn't even heard about that show. And after a few months of looking at the night sky and hoping to see that show again, I gave up.

But now the darkest hour before dawn is gone and dawn is here, so let's have the good times rollin'.

Seinfeld-- is a show, best described by comidian Jerry Seinfeld himself, that is about nothing.It dedicates entire 30 minutes to situations like sitting in a cafe, waiting for food or looking for their car in a mall parking lot, and still gets away with being the funniest show ever. Be it Jerry's love for comparing life with superman, or Kramer's way of sliding through Jerry's apartment door, this show is a world apart from those other "funnies".

Thank you Star World for airing Seinfeld.

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