Thursday, October 20, 2011

First things first

Growing up. It's a small sentence with a million and one afterburners on its tail; it's both good and bad, unbearable and yearned for at the same time.

I wasn't too keen on growing up — my teenage symptoms still strike back like the empire. But they make growing up so much more enjoyable, to the point that I can actually slow down time and savor every second that passes me by. This 'bullet time' sequence is very delicious when it comes to chewing the morsels of a moment I have longed for years. The eye makes for an excellent camera, as well – recording better than RED at much higher than 120 fps, with quality that would put Blu-Ray to shame.

You know I'm kinda happy when I'm using way too many movie/gadget/blabbermouth references.

Anyway, the thing that matters is growing up. Not as much as the objective of growing up, which would just lead to a fully developed adult, but the actual verb of it in the sentence. You know, when you're growing up, and you get to drive the car by yourself for the first time. Like that. Even though you're 20. Coming in late to the party doesn't matter. Hell, you're VIP. But sitting down in the driver's seat. That. That's what I mean.

But that's still not a complete description to what I have stood witness to. Frankly, it's very easy to describe. But putting it in a mere tersely phrased sentence will rob the beauty of it. What I want is to dignify this moment forever, supply it with the same amount of respect that I've been giving the thing in question, and create a freaking museum out of it. Okay, traveling too far, perhaps. But not as far as I drove!

Not as far as I drove, at all. If you want to get down to the science of it, consider it distance measured in time and incremented in exponential amounts – I did record this in slow motion, remember? – for what is driving a car for the first time? Priceless. What is backing it up and banging it into another car for the first time? Priceless. And doing so just out of the sheer nervousness that grips you because someone is sitting next to you, and you can barely drive for the whole trip? Amazing.

Maybe MasterCard will come in handy sometime.