Saturday, October 01, 2005

Kapoor vs. Kapur; Back on camera

I must say, I just love what all the Indian news channels do just to raise their TRPs. It's great and it works.

Remember, back some time ago, when Karisma Kapoor was getting married, and some press agencies sneaked right in-- to give us the "inside scoop" ? That was the only thing you could watch on the news for a few days. And not just on TV, but in paper too.

Then, a few months slipped by, and just when the news seemed to be out press, once again, looked up to the Kapurs. That was the time when all this hooplah started, regarding their married life. The press-- giving us more of the inside scoop, reported that the Kapurs weren't actually happy with their married life. A fight of sorts...

This was followed by more scoops. Pressing issues now, on their divorce. This seemed to stir up more talking in the town. This got the press happy, too. After all, everyone was switching to the news channels--new in the entertainment business. So, then this-that happend, yak-yak. And the news, once again seemed to be losing grip...

But the Kapurs came to the rescue! Seemed like they never failed to serve the media's (and to some extent, our) interest.

Now, when the couple, saved from divorce, tried another chance in life and tried to work out their marriage, the ever-so-faithful press didn't leave them alone. They put up hidden cameras, voice recorders, and a wanton raise in the TRP. So now, when you switch to your news channel, you can see the Kapurs, strolling through parks, walking around their hotel\house , and even airport arrivals.
And to make this story more spicy, *ahem* sleazy... the media has come up with another one of their innovative ideas--cheap headlines! They've titled their footage as "The lovers, back in the nest" or "Love is victorious" (something like that...)

A message to the media: You guys are doing great. You thought just like the Indian film industry (paticularly Mahesh Bhatt...), and your schemes are working great. Keep up the good meant ratings.


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