Saturday, October 29, 2005

Back to today

I keep getting these morbid ideas about life, our political situation, and my exams.
I've been noticing that school isn't really helping me out. In fact, it's those kids I fear. The same kids who are my classmates, the same kids I'm starting to hate. I not going to point out anyone, but I'd like to say that they are going up in nicotine smoke...

That should be enough surrounding me and my teenaged adventures.
More on today, I've just gotten to know Delhi was bombed, some areas actually.

My Saturday evening, like usual, was being spent in the premesis of books, in my extra-class centre. Physics was going on, our teacher explaining about 'Solar Power'. Until an unexpected ring came up his cell. It was the call that informed us about those blasts.
Pretty soon, parents came up. Class was over early.

On reaching home, I started flipping through news channels. It was then that I came to know what really happend. Bombs were set off in various crowded areas, including south and central Delhi. 35 casualties, and growing. My pulse wasn't the only one racing, even when I was far and safe from even a scratch.

I'm assuming that the bombs were mainly set to send off a wave of terror. All of them planted in various crowded areas, that too in the festive time which was soon to be followed by Diwali and Eid. Thus, the damage inflicted was doubled.
Fortunately though, I've just noticed a news anchor talking about how the bomb squad has managed to defuse one of the bombs...

Now, finger-pointing shall begin. Who should we blame? Al Quaeda (remember UK some time ago?), Saddam Hussein (hmmm...aftermath of his trials, perhaps?), Osama Bin Laden (guess who's back, back again...), or a new terrorist group, looking for the same level of fame?

Yes, life is morbid. And then, people ask me where I get these dark thoughts from.


  1. Talking of hate, I wonder if you have seen Honda's entry for Cannes(?) It goes like this: Hate something...change something....
    Hate has become a very negative word, why not use the feeling positively. What say??