Thursday, October 27, 2005

The first day of the rest of my life

Not really. But it's equally important.

The first day of my life -10 february 1991- was actually a start of things. I was afraid I'd come to this.
Today, we get to the beginning of a simple week of festive Diwali holidays. And these days will be no ordinary days, Pre-Boards initiate at the termination of them.

Yes, Pre-Boards. They are the preparation for the Boards (quite simple, eh?). And the Board exam, will decide the fate of my life. They will choose which path I'll travel, and they will decide what life I live.
What is neccessary is that I must score great in my pre-board exams, because, according to what's been happening, they are a whole lot tougher to crack than the Boards. And if I do score high, then I won't be biting my nails off (like right now...) preparing for the Boards.
Board this, board that, I really can't put my mind into books, I get bored...

Just think of my situation...

Anyway, here's some poetry, completely irrelevent to the topic.

Biochem fury by abhas1

When we all fall victims to syndromes,
a prey to our dismay,
how will we ever reach our homes?
Tears on the floor; blood is on the way.
There's a vein, a syringe,
a silent killer on today;
a breakdown, a fringe,
a prisoner of war to slay;
a virus deep inside us,
it'll drag us to our grave,
there's the silence of the stone,
a slice of punishment we crave.
We can blame all orange,
an agent responsible for rave,
thank it for killing all vegetation,
thank it for the end of today,
for those who confront the system,
bear hard and brave suicide,
it's scientific war-tech,
that's responsible for genocide.


  1. biochem fury awesum name
    n wat i made out of it was well viruses n bio weapons n stuff?
    lol hope m atleast near d track
    u rite brillant
    n dat part of d virus draggin to grave .... m speechless ( n scared)

  2. @Sat:
    Dude, Thanks! :D

    yup, you're there!
    thanks btw :D