Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yet another cause for celebration

I was waiting for this day...

So, what do you say when a plucky-cool-spirited-teenage-tennis-sensation-of-India turns a year older?
You say "Happy birthday Sania Mirza" or you can go about saying "Happy birthday to the future of Indian tennis". But don't just blandly say 'happy birthday'. Thank her for being born, for showing the world who she is, for taking India to the world, for opening the gates of something other than cricket, for speaking for the rights of the girl child. Thank her for being who she is - a trendsetter, an icon, and above all, a humanitarian.And since I have been getting all poetic these days...

When Sania's on the news,
and I've got the blues,
I look up to her,
motivated to work harder,
get on down and go on farther,
to reach that same level of fame,
even when I don't play her game,
I'll do my best,
to keep my head away from shame,
and without looking for anyone to blame,
I'd like to say 'thanks' for supporting my name.

And like last time we had a celebration, here's another point of coincidence:
I bought my projection TV on this day, last year. Cool, eh?


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......cool!!!!!

  2. Looks like someone's a big fan!


    Although, I admit I hated her to the core once. Not any more, but definitely not a fan.

  3. haha! you should read this wonderful piece of poem everyday!! :)
    amazing you are :)