Thursday, December 08, 2005

That life may have been less lived...

Have you ever looked at that strange man's face? Ever thought about where he may have come from, what's he doing and why? Ever thought about his story?
That's what I put my head up to. And it's weird how I can draw so many conclusions, so fast. I think "Maybe, one day, I'll meet him again. One day, I may be his boss, or he could be mine. One day...

As the world turns
by abhas1

When somebody looks up at the skies,
there's dark clouds for another who flies;
When a vacation for some,
there's others with a bullet in their gun...
white tulips;
they spell peace for one,
another accepts them as a bad pun;
one man cries tears of joy,
the other returns from his lover's grave,
returned silent, maybe he's coy...
The rivers drip,
the time a birth in a crib;
The peaks, they snow,
a concrete building's about to blow...
What rules are basic to stay,
may seem complex today...
One's too casual to life,
second's the army's snipe.
So be who you'll be,
because when today's free,
and He thinks the grass is green
on your side, maybe today
you'll open your eyes for your last scene,
when another sleeps where you've once been...


  1. "identify and apply the principle that governs the result you seek.."

    wonderful poem!
    are you sure you are only 14?
    raj chawla

  2. wooo! Yes, I'm fourteen! I'm in tenth grade!!