Sunday, January 08, 2006

Far from the light...

Put yourself up for a blindfold, and look out the window. Can you see? And neither can I.
I've been made to walk with a bullet in my head, and so is the nation that aims at becoming a super-power by 2020.

At the level of being so common, we are supposed to not think about anything we do, and here, the school system poses as a definite example. Students must manage to remember every single thing they are told in class, which is very close to nothing, because every teacher has taken for granted a sad fact. The fact is, that every teacher just so knows that every person in class, especially by tenth grade, has joined an extra class centre. So in-depth details have already been bid goodbye, and just imagine subdueing your curosity just for the sake of passing.

And here, passing isn't something you can be happy about, for your best friend in class will usually stand as your finest competitor. To overtake the competitor, we will cheat in every exam. To overtake the competitor, we will take part in every scam.

And when people like this will grow taller to support their country, they'll reach the front page for taking birbes. They'll make the breaking news for turning into a criminal cop. Who will we blame then? Will we curse the system?

I've come to notice that everyone just absorbs all text in a book, no matter included. There is no questioning the book, and be it a typo, then that mistake shall also be learned, and it will stay the way it is. What we want is passing marks, just give 'em to us!

And we stand tall, as we prepare for the future collapse...


  1. my friend textbooks are like porno..u have to learn to enjoy them to use them.maybe tht explains why im so no!
    tht explains why im so dumb AND gay!!!

  2. i hate to disappoint you but that's the way it is with everything in life...not just 10th board exams..nice blog ..

  3. weee! hey!
    i know it's too too late but i've only just begun to catch u with comment replies cuz ive been insanely caught up in bhaiyyas wedding :))

    so, so, happy new year to you too!!

  4. @Mary Ray:
    Ooo, that's bad...

    No prob, and nice to see that you're here!
    happy new year to you, too! :)

  5. Hullo to abhas, abhas1, amoeba, the king and any other lurking alter-egos!
    Sad but true..word for word..meaning don't matter no more. Interesting Blog..keep posting.

  6. That's great FreeSpirit! you must be the first one to notice the ever changing title-bar! BTW, it's random thingy, keep reloading your page!

    and thanks for the comment! hope you'll be back to read more!