Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cause for celebration #4

Ah yes, the Sports page. The one page that most of the world wakes up to. The one segment of the newspaper, that many people enjoy with a cup of coffee. The very page, that can enrage civilians, get them fired, or make them happy. And it's the same page I open up, to celebrate Sania Mirza's victory.

For those of you who don't already know, Sania's been playing here and there, and she's reached the Australian Open. She is seeded 32, and she's already started playing, and not to forget - winning. She has already succeeded in defeating her first opponent - Viktoria Azarenga - and that too by an awesome 7-6, 6-2!
Next on her list is Michaella Krajicek (how am I spelling all this?!). Sooo, like always, best of luck to her!

And I guarantee you, there are going to be more days like this...


  1. Today is a dark day folks. There is bad news for some (atleast me).
    Sania has lost the second round to Krajicek.


  2. No prob. We can rewind and watch her win in round one...


  3. sania is very lucky to have you as her fan!! :)