Monday, January 02, 2006

The good, the bad, and the news

The bold, black letters on a seemingly black background always manage to get the better of my attention. And now, it's like those letters were old rivals...

I open the newspaper every morning to find some sort of grim news. Someone is killed - a murder, a suicide, an accident. Someone is molested, someone raped, and another is kidnapped.
It's like we've become part of a morbid society, where those high intellectuals are busy wondering "Where our country is going".

After reading a recent story, "Why is everyone killing?" is the first big Q that strikes me. It appears that greed has surpassed all emotions, and those who once loved have become the main source of pain. It appears that money is all that they want, and they are so desperate that they would kill for it, but never dare work up to a life of pride.

Now, would that money be of any use? Every time you'd want to spend a penny of the heap you stole, you'd be reminded of how you've strangled your own soul. And when you flip to the side of honest work, you'll at least be happy and content for what you have, even if it isn't a heavy amount.

And it's not that often that you actually find some good news. But sometimes though, we are able to bust those corrupt officials, and they manage to reach the front page. And some other times, the front page is lined up with a hoaxy sex scandal, a.k.a. 'The new age Sting operation'.

And not to forget those wonderful ads we've been seeing. Placed quietly amidst the words of an article, they want you to "Buy me". No change in story there, it's always a girl in a mini-skirt, who wants you to buy something completely irrlevant to her.
So you see people? We must completely ban smoking on screen, but all other explicit content always sums up to PG.

It's the second day of the new year, and someone is killed at the corner of a road. The second day, and a faked, perverted, sick MMS being circulated. The second day, and I'm lost in a puddle of thought, thinking about where we'll reach in the rest of the 300-something days.


  1. Hey,

    nice to know someone other than a handful of ppl i know actually bother reading my ravings!

    standard 10 was fun too in its way...!=)

    take it from the time ur working...past all the exams and the torturous creatures called teachers...u wont remember the preboards and all the unpleasant things which connote school rite now!

    u'll think of friends and carefree basketball and cricket matches, impromtu class bunking sprees and ofcourse holidays!

    anyways...all the best for ur pre boards and board exams...!

  2. thanks, I'm gonna need that luck!! :)

  3. oohhhhh man enjy skl when u can otherwise a yuear or so later u'll find urself thrown into the mos horrible r.......iit jee coaching!!!!

  4. hmm...that's weird. Everyone has been telling me to enjoy school...
    and what's worse is that I may actually go in for IIT-JEE coaching...