Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Damn dam!

Aamir Khan is fighting a cold war. He raised his fist silently, and has come against the construction of the Narmada Dam, all for a noble cause. This dam will seemingly plague the lives of 3 lakh people, who live in the surrounding area.

He stands tall, offering autographs to no one. He stands tall, amidst the crowd of people hailing "Save Narmada!".

By doing so, he holds hands with the common man. He walks a vague path, laid and made by others like him. Shah Rukh Khan cleaning the streets of Mumbai is another example in its name.

When these celebrities turn into activists, we see stars with stars in our eyes. They then suddenly become good guys, and the good ones become the better guys. And, that's pretty much about it.
Yeah, that wraps it up.

We tend to forget what they were doing there, let alone asking why they were there in the first place! And all this gives birth to the society we know, the society we live in, the society we kill and the society we breathe in.
It gives birth people who believe that the celebrities are only trying fetch media and public attention. And as obvious as it may seem, they become the apple of some other eyes.

Now, you see, Aamir is fighting for a noble cause. He is against the construction of the Narmada...The Narmada... Damn! I forgot.

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