Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sand in the eyes

Run up to your school everybody. Run up to hell's gates, run away from your classmates.

Why is it that a boy must come home from school, only to find his mother forcing food in his mouth, all because he doesn't want to end up being late fore the bell rings at a second school? Hell yes, I'm talking about coaching, and while I'm at it, put in those tuitions and extra classes, too.

School is not what it used to be, or so I believe. You can't go there alone and expect to learn what you need. And what's worse is that every teacher knows it, and so does every student.
Kids decide that they'd rather not waste their time in school studying, and brush up on their facts at a nearby coaching institute. And problem two originates because teachers know this, and keeping it in mind, they also go: "what the heck..."

I was told that school was meant to teach, and if this is what's going on, then the whole purpose of school now is to make us go through the all-India Board exam and provide a graduation certificate.

Why is it that kids rush to small, crowded tuitions? Are they more concerned about their future? Do schools not know that a majority of their science students want to end up in the IIT? If they do, then why does one prefer coaching? Why in the world does school not do what those institutes are doing? And on top of it all, why have we closed our eyes, and accepted that this is the way that the story goes?

And as long as we continue to move with a bullet in our heads, we move closer to the future collapse.


  1. true post dude.
    ur tlkaing about stuff which most of us have already been thru.......
    why the hell am i talking like i'm some matured still going thru the bloody system!!

  2. I have a L-O-N-G way to go, don't I?

  3. dunno bout u.......i def have a long way[:P]

  4. This could take long..will definitely write back on this..right now let my last exam get over(yippee!!)..btw me in IIT :)

  5. thats something I asked myself...many times...

    Made a decision...took commerce...for the purpose of doing something ;)

    anyway...catch up my blog too

  6. @Free-S:
    Do come back to it :)
    and ohmygod! You made it to the IIT? GREAT! AWESOME!
    Now, you've made the list of people I look up :)
    Good job!

    Hmm..Now, that I've also aske myself, and I'm still stuck at nowhere, do help me make a decision... :)

  7. Deep within you do look up to IIT or that level of fame, and then you feel you do not have it in you.
    Brother, the secret is, you have to vie for it, or else you will regret for the rest of your life!

    What's in the heart, always knocks, untill you get it!

    And believe me...
    it hurts a lot if you bottle up lot of things that knock.

  8. @Jack:
    I feel weird.
    Please. Make it stop. Please.

    Maybe it's because I bottle in stuff, maybe it's not. Why is this happening?
    Why do I feel like the end is coming?

  9. uhmm dude thas coz iit coaching sux...i've been thru it and so has my's just change coming along...good or bad i dunno but it's gonna make u work a lil harder thas all.
    just rock n roll while u can and then give the jee preps a full blast once skl starts!

  10. @Sat:
    IIT coaching is scaring the hell out of me. But I feel it's not just that.

    May God help me.

  11. Yes, it's about lot of things and not just IIT.

    You have a tremendous level of perception. It is a quality, but when you SEE a lot, you actually predict the conclusions and that also includes the subject's end.

    This is the time you feel you have lost, but actually you were just predicting.

    Again, the question arises.. why not predict something positive?

    You cannot cuz you do not have the confidence. And you do not have that cuz you have not acheived something great yet. The biggest reason for that again is your lack of action... paralyzation :-/

    There is a very strong saying...

    "DO what's right, and do it RIGHT NOW"

    I think you are lucky enough to have a good level of conscience, you REALLY know what's right. It is the basic element that is missing everywhere. People are really walking with a bullet in their heads.

    Strangely, what you lack is the action. You need to gain that strength. You need to develop yourself and RUN along the RIGHT path(which you already know) !

  12. @Jack:
    I bow down to thee, God. You know me inside-out.

    That's exactly what I've realised in the past few days. I'm beginning to find the end of a situation.

    Why? Why am I not positive? It keeps on going, and then I finally feel like I am about to die.
    Then I want to escape. I want to escape my own self then.

    Be positive Abhas. You can do it. After all, there's Miss Sania Mirza and Miss Rakshanda Khan as your prize, smiling, at the end of that line...

    I think it's time for me to stop talking to myself, unless it's absolutely necessary to.

    What do I gotta do?
    What do I gotta do?
    To wake myself up!?

  13. Thanks for you incoureginig commments !!!!!!!!

    and your blog is aslo lovely as well

  14. Stuck at nowhere...?
    That are stuck somewhere...? (Now thats some self imposed philosophy by the mocker here;))

    Helping u taking decisions...yeah sure...why not..?


    Disclaimer: Plain advises..don take responsibility for an mishaps on implementation... ;)

    ciao for now...keep checking ma blog.

  15. @Mqaisar:
    Thank you! :)

    Let's advise our little buddy here...
    and as for your blog, I'm looking forward to your next post. :)

  16. Try some chilled fosters buddy,
    it will urge you a lot.

    I am serious!!

  17. dude...relax...u've got toooo much on ur mind......go with the's not always a bad thing to do tht

  18. ohh and nuthin can replace a fosters....not even sprite ice.
    though kerosene stands a chance.

  19. @Sat:
    Go with the flow..lemme try this..
    And Sprite has got to work, after all, Sania drinks it!

    I commented, like, 3 times.

    And I think it's time I wrote something new, I mean *damn* 20 comments on a single post! woah!

    PS: I'm on GlobalVoices!
    Check this out!

  20. Thanks for stopping by at Bloody Awful Poetry! I used to have a friend who called herself Amoeba aswell...

    J x

  21. @Jonathan:
    Thank you for coming here too! I hope you had a bloody awesome time!

    I am pretty dissapointed with myself, too. Please forgive me.

  22. You've got quite a bit of honesty and goodness in you! Refreshing.

    You know, when I was a parents forced me to make a a better choice in career than psychology. They pushed me into commerce in high school. I stood my ground and I gotto do psychology at BA. I'm doing my master's in psychology now - cancer research. I'm doing my PhD in the same next year.

    What I mean to say is, once yo figure out what you wanna do..truly wanna do, then you'll succeed no matter what. Ofcourse, you need understanding parents and a co-operative school. I got lucky.

    :) Sorry bout the lecture. Mocking Spirit, my cousin, can easily vouch for how 'fun' I normally am!

  23. @':..m..:':
    Don't be sorry about the lecture, I really appreciate it!
    I hope you come back and do read some more! :D

  24. yeah i know.. and this has become a trend of late.. even in places like Kuwait.. the same teachers teach wonderfully ... at tuitions

  25. @A-lite:
    Woah! Same teachers? Same students? This has exceeded the previously known limits of stupidity. :P