Thursday, May 11, 2006

Copycat dolls

I believe plagiarism requires a lot of dishonesty. For whatever it is that someone does, they must ultimately end up lying to themselves in order to subdue their soul's voice, which does not allow them to do so.
Either that, or maybe they are so deeply in love and are so heavily inspired by someone, that they decide to copy them, and plan to go even farther than they did...

Blame Kaavya for pushing me into writing this, for I assume she was only trying to do what Bollywood had being doing for so much of history -- borrowing a movie's plot, without much permission, and showing them to Indian eyes and all that, while crossing their fingers and hoping no one would notice.
And that's the flaw, because people will eventually find out, and that's exactly what happened with her.

To top it off, plagiarism causes a man to completely lose all long-term sense. Either that, or they never really thought about the future at all.
When someone copies to be better, they obviously have the intention of not letting anyone know about it. And say, if they get what they want, and nobody notices, then somewhere in time, everybody will do the same. And if everybody becomes the same, where will new ideas come from? The masses will then grow out of the tired, tried, and tested same everythings! And they will finally demand something new and original, and thus, at that time, anything new will stick and the copies will end up losing. Again.
So, plagiarism will not only end up destroying the world, but it will also kill itself!

Ring in the future collapse on this one?


  1. Well isnt Plagiarism like synonymous to bootlegging which obviously requires dishonesty.

    plagiarism causes a man to completely lose all long-term sense. that i guess becoz the person sees the short term fame and popularity which is exactly what the "plagiarisers" look for..?

  2. well i believe that kavya got what she deserved and as for bollywood... lets not even go there.. however i dont think that theres any law against flicking a movie's story

  3. @Mocking-S:
    That's exactly what they look for. My point has been made.

    Time to make some laws, dontcha think?

  4. hmmm.... well the truth is, every body does... like the last original hindi movie was probably made sometime ard the thirteenth century...

    mediocre poets copy... great poets plagurise...

    adaptation is an art by itself.. don blame kavya for her act.. blame her for her stupidity...

  5. @markiv:
    I agree, that was pretty stupid of her to do that. I can't imagine why anyone would do that, unless your luck is something God would envy.
    How can someone copy off someone, and try to move farther than the one they copied off?

  6. heyy.. I beg to differ.. Most of ur give paper presentations and we use ctrl+v and ctrl+c to use the content on google.. And to top it, we dont even acknowledge.. So that means if content is copied from one source its plagiarism and if its from multiple resoruces its research !!.. Think abt it bro..