Saturday, May 27, 2006

Finally, a cause for celebration

Going to sleep at three in the morning and waking up at six has a feeling.

Then again, going to sleep at three in the morning after taking a few shots of insomnia (mixed with excitedness and anxiety, mind you) straight to your head, and waking up a few moments before the clock hits six a.m. only to find out that you've scored 88% in Science and 93% in English has a completely different feeling altogether.

But ten hours after something like that happens, the feeling starts to drift away.
Let my confetti not go to waste, and spread it in the air before this day becomes yesterday -- Board results are out.

After much pain and a wincingly strange onslaught of depressing thoughts that used to hit my mind, this is a much needed cause for celebration to pull me out of the sea of sorrow that I was drowning in, not to forget this is one celebration post in a long time.

Not much of a celebration to you, but hey, this goes in my record for the first time.
See the confetti in the air?


  1. PS: Four months to go for Miss Khan's Birthday! :D :D :D

  2. celebrate buddy,what else is our life's for? just rock n roll like there is no tomorrow..


  3. KKKKKKKKKKKEEEEWWWL dude.. congrats man... awesome score... spread the conefetti through the blogosphere

  4. @axiomate:

    Thank you!

  5. congrats!!!!!
    and do u have a water problem btw????
    the person above is interested

  6. @Khadli:
    Thanks! :D

    what water prob?

  7. good going.. enjoy your hols now..
    you sure deserve to celebrate

  8. And you do do some real serious marketing for your blog!

  9. @Jang:
    Thank you!

    wait..what marketing?
    (darn, I knew I shouldn't have told the space monkey...)

  10. yooooooooooo
    party time....

    drink n food on the house from Abhas...

    where is my treat dude???

    BTW Congo dude....

  11. hey......
    how u doin...hope all's gr8
    sry 4 d late comment

    congrats n njoy life dude...
    keep rockin n bloggin

  12. gee GLAD u likd the post! evn more glad u dropped by. please do come back..again..:)
    n yep, CONGRATS!!

  13. @dh@v@l:
    Get your virtual cake right here!

    thank you too!

    @manic street preacher:
    No prob, would love to read more of your stuff!
    thanks, btw!

    Uh-oh..sooo many "congrats"..