Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just buying tears...

Rahul Mahajan. I've been hearing that name quite a lot of times for the past couple of months. The man seems to be going through some rough times.
Who knew that he'd be crying out into a film noir jail, instead of shedding tears for his father's end?
In fact, I actually believe that I'd be shaking my head if you asked me if his father's death affected him at all.
Look at the guy. You'd think one would break the addiction after something like that happens.And now, the best chance he has is to try and spend time in rehab.

The red eyes he looked through and the green he spent, all for making his head cold like the hawaiian temperature, and spin around in rave amidst X, has gotten him well from point A to point B to point minus C. What else is strange is that AIIMS also agreed to conceal his information, but you know what happens to lies later -- it got busted.

What annoys me most, is the fact that the truth can be bought.
In a society like ours, where one of us decides to rape a girl or kidnap a little kid behind dark glasses, there's a ticket on tinted car windows. Unfortunately enough, there's a way to bribe our way out.
Sure, there's hundreds out there, going high on crack as you're reading this. Then why is it that there is even a chance that their doctor tells the police that there are no drugs involved?

A cop is there to fine you when you don't wear a seat belt to make sure you wear the belt next time on, and not just to do so when there's a chance you may get caught. And then there's the cop, who loves to be called a policeman, for letting people go off for a few hundred bucks, and for pulling over people and asking for a ten when they've done nothing at all.

Usually, for posts like this, you'd see me crying about the future collapse. This time, I say, we are the ones who can change the way the story goes.

I'd like to conclude this by adding a little rhyme I wrote sometime ago.

That was today by abhas1

From the white of angel wings,
to the black of scorpion stings,
I'd be walkin' god,
amidst a crowd of fraud,
where "cease peace" is the GenX scream,
and top-notch evils are the society's cream,
a starless night is longed to be a dream,
before getting into the media mainstream,
in a world like this,
there's only words like "shit",
your only chance to seize the moment,
before you get hit,
dog eat dog,
limelight hogged by a hog,
a challenge to clear the corruption smog,
salvation for poor?
only predicted by the wrong,
there's a fire to be fanned,
criminal cops to be banned,
there's a mission at hand,
choices, challenges and,
hypocrites on our land,
so be sure of what you do,
so you don't end up like those corrupted few...


  1. True abhas...
    but the thing is Drugs are more dear to some people than their own kith...!!

    I think this one is a cool post.

  2. @Mocking-S:
    A little rhyme, by the EM:
    See children drugs are BAD,
    If you dont believe me, ask your DAD,
    If you dont believe him ask your MOM,
    She'll tell you how she does 'em all the TIME;

    So kids say "no" to drugs,
    so you dont act like everyone else does,
    and there's really nothing else to say,
    drugs are just bad, okay?

  3. gud one dude....been a while since i came here.

    like the mocking spirit sed some people like drugs more than their own kin...and it may not be only drugs...lots of other things.

  4. that was some food for thought!!
    truly amazing!
    way to go!