Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oh those Red-brick walls

Most of us would rather be pretty unhappy to see school start out early.

Yeah sure, who likes to go sit into half dead classrooms, and that too, on the second floor? Shouldn't we just wait until our Board results come out so that science students stop shuttling back and forth between commerce and humanities?
Amazed or not, most of us people decide to aim at the negative as answers to these questions.

This is what happens when you take the kids to the movies, weird newspaper and weight management workshops, and field trips instead of making them tediously open their backpacks and start looking for pens lost in its depths.

One week into this mess, and I've realized that it's not back to the blues this time!


  1. If this is what you mean, then I can't wait to get into college!

  2. Enjoy it while it lasts and watch what you wish for..before you know it you'll be slogging it out in college wishing you'd enjoyed your school days more. But every phase has its charm..sigh!!

  3. Tell me about it.
    I'm already starting to miss Tenth...

  4. Trust me, there's no slogging in college. At all.

  5. Of course it depends on which college you go to.

  6. Word Verification is still the most annoying thing ever invented.

  7. @Jang!!:
    College? Now I doubt I'll ever make it out of school!

    Boo hoo.

    and yay! you're back!