Friday, April 14, 2006

That's what I call Chinkara!

A fan goes back to his home, and reaches for his room. He tears those posters off the walls, and hides in a corner, trying his best not to breakdown. He looks into the mirror, and behind those red eyes, he fails to confess. "I was never a fan anyway..." he says.

Affected by the same, another fan tries to cope. He looks up to his pictures, and his posters; He dares not take them down.
He prays to God, and seeks help and consolement. He only waits for these evil days to end. He only waits for these moments of pain to end. Many moments. Many, many, many moments...

And now, both of these fans rejoice. "Hey, Salman has been granted bail!"
That's a bail after spending three whole days behind bars, waiting for the Court's hearing. All in for killing an endangered Indian Gazelle. They tell me there's going to be some 5 years down the line...
I'm sure jail wasn't anything you saw in those movies, was it Salman?

And bail? That's only for now.


  1. nice post............good to see ur keeping busy and ennui hasnt yet got another victim!

  2. Ennui?? When did my lil bro learn the word ennui? *Clap Clap*

  3. @Sat:
    No ennui. Yet.


    Vielen Danke Fraulein!
    Dictatorship sounds good, doesn't it?

  4. i learnt the word ennui the same time u learnt the word "tall"..............MUHAHAHAHAHA..wait.that didnt make sense!!

  5. @abhas... well i certainly think the sentence is harsh in light of the jessica lal judgement.. if they gave him 5 for a deer, those maniacs should get 50 with no parole.

  6. @A-lite:
    True. Jessica's case should not have been gone easy, and they should send those guys to exile, esp. after Salman's RI push.

    NO! That makes perfect sense!
    It's like when a green tree grows roots underground and over there is no shadow...uh..wait...

  7. hi ab.

    all the very best to you,

    may you do extremely well

    best of luck.......