Sunday, August 02, 2009

The barrel

Purple haze is in the sky.

In the distance, fire rolls in a barrel. It's not really cold, so it is harshly unclear who lit it in the first place. However, it'll be cold soon. But somebody needs to take care of the monoxides they've been releasing because of this.

In other news, college is about to start again.

I don't know if I feel like smiling or sighing.
It's a complex mathematical equation in explanation, even though it's not really like that. It's like a complex love-hate relationship that never ceases to turn the tables around; like a coin that's in the air when you've chosen to toss it in favor of an odd - because when it's in the air, it's spinning.

Perennial confusion makes for a sweet dessert.

Anyway, while I'm stepping out of line, I gotta tell ya' -- this hiatus almost felt like one. But now that I look back at my blog, I have to say I did write. Sure, you couldn't see it, but that's only because silence was pretty much the best way to describe the time I had. It had a profound meaning, you'll notice. A meaning that revolved in troubled times. Times of void. Times of making music. Times of not reading the Times of India. Confused efforts. Mis-managed times.

So, next time you see the gap between December 31st and today, read it. After all, it was life in my 18th year.

However, I do deserve some punishment. So I'm going to hit out a post a day, every day, for a week. Turn up the volume on your RSS readers!

There goes another booger.


  1. I especially love the image that the coin-in-the-air conjures up.
    And yup I do fail to see the trouble in the times just gone by.
    Or maybe I do.

    Thank God you blogged again.
    Wish you kept the promise.

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