Sunday, December 31, 2006


The 31st day of December is to a year what a period is to a sentence. It's that one simple day that marks the end of the road for a little over 360 days. Like the dotty little piece of punctuation, it does more than just mark an end. It completes the sentence, too.

Looking back, it's another year that has slipped past amazingly fast, spawning it's very own list of things that we'd like to see more of, and things we can't wait to end.
Starting with the launch of new cars that failed to grab much attention and going mid-way to pushing my life into 11th grade. Going from justice denied to justice served (read snagged). Shifting from the Vista beta to the Vista Corporate; but still bet(t)a with a lot of bugs. And finally from things that went on and off to things that went on after Saddam left the scene - re-runs...
This was one long sentence, no doubt about it. But given a chance, who wouldn't want to read it again?

Rest assured, though; It is when the period terminates a line, that it makes room for another to begin. With '07 not many hours away, I'd like to wish you all a happy new year.

Confetti, anyone?


  1. Somehow it felt that most of the developments took place towards the end of the year in 06.

    Happy New Year 2007 !

  2. @rajesh:
    It's not just that it feels that way; It actually was that way!
    Guess the world was sleeping in the beginning :P

    Happy new year!