Tuesday, February 20, 2007

They're coming

Whenever I sit down to write something positive about the government, the police and the like, I feel crippled, and to a certain extent, I move as fast in writing as a snail in the Olympics.
Maybe it's the afterimage of the products of the RGV Factory (among others that portray the law from the dark side) that has influenced me and left me unable to speak out about the fact that all of them aren't evil and/or corrupt.
The truth is that they're all not bad. Some of them do worship their uniforms, and agree to put service before self. The only problem is that some of them are corrupt, and if movies were to be trusted, they've grown in number in the recent past.
Nevertheless, ex dolo malo non oritur actio.

Those who don't resolve to bribes to make an extra penny, are the true heroes. They're the ones you can trust and call for help, because you'll know for sure that they're coming. They're the Saints, and the Saints...well, they're coming.


  1. Like they say "A rotten apple spoils the others" ?

  2. Maybe so, but let's hope that a good melon influences the others :)

  3. hmm...so....buddy..why don't u intend to try politics?????
    be the change!!!!

  4. @aakarsh:
    Be the change?

  5. hey.. i have no clue who you are.. landed up on your posts through khadija's.. but wanted to ask ya one thing.. HOW DID YOU INSERT THE VIDEO ON YOUR POST!!!.. plz plz just let me know :) thanks a ton..
    this is noorain..as is obvious .. ha ha..thanks

  6. hmmm will discuss politics some other day... but let me thank you for sharing this video..


  7. @nonu:
    Video addition is easy.
    Have a look at youtube.com.
    When you're watching a video, you'll be able to get the code for adding a video to your page. Just copy that code and paste it in your HTML.

    The pleasure's all mine :)