Friday, March 30, 2007

Moments, II

In one fell swoop, all that is taken away. How it happened is something you'll probably never find out, but you don't care anyway.
You revisit the sea of sorrow you were previously drowning in, and you now wear lenses that make you color-blind.

'No miracles happen' is the first thought you come across when you begin losing faith in everything you had it in. Veins pop out and you push yourself under a pillow, calling it your best escape.
What you fail to realize is the distance you can run away.

Life is complicated, and I may not have described it well enough, but some moments will tell you what I couldn't.


  1. sadly life is the least of complications we have.. but its the easiest escape route we can choose to run from facing what those around us do... not really giving this sage wisdom to you as much as am to myself!

  2. m missin out on sumthing...!!!! for god's sake... tell me waaaat...!!!!

    i dunno i dunno i dunno..!!! .... seedhe seedhe bata hua kya hai..!!!!