Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Late again

Too bad procrastination has got the better of me. Too bad I plan to study and write, but end up saying "Tomorrow for sure". Too bad it's too late.

Time never stops for anything and I'm far from being an exception. Nevertheless, here's wishing you guys a Happy 'Belated' Diwali and Eid.

Unlike last time, I can't really comment on the pollution level in Delhi because of an assorted candybox of reasons.
I wasn't here, for one, and while I wasn't, I noticed that Diwali in Bhopal is more noisy than it is toxic. Secondly, the rising dengue fever had been eating out too much life, so it would actually be helpful to have a smoky rise. Go CO.

Happy "belated" Diwali again. And Eid, that too.


  1. hmmm... well i kind of like the smell of flowerpots and stuff.. but absolutely hate atom bombs and lakshmi bombs. i saw this drunk dude (had to be drunk) u lit an atom bomb near his leg and just turned away and it blew.. next to his leg and he didnt flinch! and i was sitting 10 metres away at a bustop and felt the impact

  2. @andalite:
    :-& Keep your ears covered with maximum pressure and you can still hear those bombs explode!

  3. @anonymous:
    True it is my friend, true it is...

  4. hmmm... so come diwali the mosquitoes hve a run eh? n we were busy inventing ddt n all-out!!!!

  5. @markiv:
    Ooh, firecrackers are far more effective :)

  6. Hey you doin? Been a while..had temporarily deleted my blog..back now..yay!!
    And take it from's safer to hit the books regularly than stay up all night in a last minute efort to cram. (read hectic prep for CAT going on)
    And am really late...maybe I could say an early Happy New Year! :)

  7. so i have been off ur blog since dat long....!!!! shame on me...!!!
    n u have been outta blogosphere since dat long...!!! bad..!!!!

    nyways.. .same 2 yah.. belated...!!

  8. lol... happy belated diwlali to you too... and yes, i completely agree with you- Procrastination begotten from Lethargy is definitely getting the better of me as well! but, i aint complaining... instead i stick to my motto- HAIL LETHARGY!! lol

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