Monday, January 07, 2008


Well, it's a shame to be a boy.

The picture tube told me that more than fifty guys got together and assaulted a couple of women. But that's no biggie, I've read about similar incidents in the paper. It's just that there was a slight difference in the number of guys when I last read something like that. Maybe there was a different locale, too, because I don't recall anything like this happening outside a 5-star hotel.
But apart from that, it's pretty much a familiar memory, and so is police action. They feel they've read and heard enough of the same report over and over again, and it's really no biggie. It's just, you know, molestation, everyday thing, kinda.

Maybe this is why Indian families long for a male child. So that he can grow up and molest people. So that he would get a fair share of wedding gifts (read dowry). Maybe it's because there's some sort of imaginary superiority in them; that somehow scoring a goal against the home team would help.

Don't blame me, I'm not spreading hate propaganda. It's not my fault soap scripts are deep fried in this oil. I'm not responsible if 1 in 5 movies tends to showcase this. If they're lying, and social evil has completely been eliminated, then you better strap that television set to a pack of dynamite, and light the fuse.
And if they've got the truth on TV, then it sure as hell is better to be bubbly like our scooters.


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  2. Hey! You might want to scratch your head and think of me once in a while.

    Men. Men. Ugh!