Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Hundred is a very special number to people. I know someone who feels that way. You probably do, too.
And when it comes to typing my hundredth blog post, I can't help but be part of this tradition.

It is a very special day, indeed. Not just because this is my hundredth blurb, but also because today is the first day after the completion of school. I am through with their examinations. I am done with their Boards. We've waved each other a nice goodbye. One that makes you want to say 'hello' again.

Anyway, since this is the hundredth post, I am forced to treat it with a little extra importance. And with treating it so, there is an important announcement I'd like to make.

I am not going to blog anymore.

I never knew I'd have to say it so soon, but they've told me that there is no better time than now.

So, adiós muchachas, and adiós muchachos. It has been extremely prodigious contributing my thoughts to the Internet, where not many people cared.

Good night everyone, and thank you for coming. This is your host for the evening, abhas1.


  1. april 1...

    i soo believe u.....

  2. That's SAD. In CAPITALS.
    Really is.
    100 is the most important numeral after 7.
    And Aakarsh is a smart boy who ruins all Fool Day's Plans, he's late though as usual, but saved me,(almost ;) )! This really got me to thinking "Is he already planning sanyas or something"... and the thought died a funny death.