Sunday, May 02, 2010


Don't do this. Do that. That's not right. Do that. Are you sure you want that? Don't do that! Do this. This is odd. Stay away from that. Never do this. Ever. Don't do it. Is that the right thing to do? Do it. Don't do it. Do not do that, ever. If you do that, you'll make a mistake. Don't do it. You'll regret it. Don't do it. What is right, what is wrong? Don't do it. I don't think you should do that. You know, you'll wish you did this when you see other people have done it. Do it, then. But don't do that. I don't think it's the right thing to do. Don't do this. Do that. Doing that would result in something unfortunate. Why would you regret it? Because you live by standards that are beginning to collide with things that you want to do. They don't allow you to do them. So, I'm regretting it both ways. Doing it, and not. So, I'd advise that you don't do it. Do not, ever in your life, do that. Maybe in the future, you'll wish you didn't want that. Make the right desicion. Don't do this. Do this. Don't do this. Do this. Don't do this. Do not do this. And who are you to tell me what to do? You're a blind man in search of a path even though you don't know where to go. Any path will take you there. So take my advice, don't do this. Do this. Don't do this.


  1. This is very strange, but not in a bad way. I like it.

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  3. Regret, fear, all these things are something brought on by oneself. No one can force you to have them.
    Cut out the noise of others, then maybe you will be able to hear Your voice.

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  7. Don't do this. Don't do that....what fun.

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  10. A good quik mind is what it takes to do that, and not do it.

    Thank you

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  12. umm i garee to what you have written,i guess like anyone in the world would.
    but don't you really feel that there are some neccessities,th "DO's" you ought to do before you can umm actually do something different?

    or is it that you start to do it since the very begining, you might have more struggles throughout which maybe you wouldn't like then!

    though i like the freedome you wish have n really respect it.
    be the same,forever.

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  17. I'm going on the assumption you're repeating what your parents have told you.

    Don't worry, screwing up is part of growing up. It's how we learn. ;)

    we all do stupid crap when we're younger. Heck, I still do, and I'm 35!! :-D


  18. @Scratch:
    Yup, life is a real heck of a school.

    Thanks for checking this place out. :)

  19. And thats how we flow, if you anwer everyones demands it usual ends up in disaster.

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  24. Confucius said: "When the Superior Man eats he does not try to stuff himself; at rest he does not seek perfect comfort; he is diligent in his work and careful in speech. He avails himself to people of the Way and thereby corrects himself. This is the kind of person of whom you can say, 'he loves learning.' "