Sunday, July 07, 2013

Illustrations of numbers and symbols

Here, we have an illustration of the human heart. Not that well-done, I believe. I drew it, anyway, so don't you tell me what not to believe.

Many people believe the heart looks like a 'less than' symbol to the left of a numeric three, rotated 90º CCW. Maybe not in real life, but that's what they think it looks like graphically, at least.

But then, that sort of heart is for people in love, right? With their heart-goggles fitting perfectly over their heart-shaped pupils – or irides – tuned out and tuned into a better world.

"Better world" – seems like an oxymoron for a second there, doesn't it? But, then, those goggles do wonders. Everything seems beautiful; your unforced smile just takes care of things. And it's no secret that our perception; the way we're seeing things – with those goggles, now – makes that apparent beauty so...there.

And then there's this. A slash in the middle of < and 3. The reality check that no one asks for; the reality check no one needs. What good does this do? Where hearts of numbers and symbols helped climb mountains with feathery ease, this shocker of a realist approach has immediate consequences on the amount of strength and pain it takes to just wake up in the morning. No, they're not positive consequences. They are equivalent to the sudden disappearance of a dominant limb.

Just an invitation to phantom limb pain.

Then, when you look at the bigger picture, elements such as karma and sometimes even fate step in. Nothing happens just for the sake of happening, you know.

But who's going to take care of the continual shortness of breath that happens right now?

Fate, you lazy beast. Karma, you scrumptious little nugget; you blind little worker of order.

Surrender control and wait for things to untwine themselves into, oh would you believe, a better world?

Does that ever happen?

How would I know.

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